Gear check /40mil budget upgrade

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    Hi i enjoy using these forums and have posted advice to some people who are further behind than i am, and i see a lot of other people giving advice about everything in general.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me in my current situation which i can't decide on.
    I like the lifesteal on IK belt, but i want to buy a witching hour for the extra dps, whereas i was thinking to then buy an OH wep with lifesteal, although with my budget i doubt i would be able to keep the same dps after switching offhands.

    I also have IK chest/boots to make up the 5set bonus but i don't see much change in that besides the extra vitality i gain from the actual pieces.

    I farm MP6 nicely with HOTA build/WOTB, although i find it hard to keep WOTB up all the time, maybe i should really go with the easier option of doing a lower MP.
    I hope some more experienced players have some thoughts to share.

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    Lower Mp if you are farming. Do it on MP2.

    More CC. Everything else looks fine.

    I have a more under gear barb than you, but i was able to survive MP6 Solo. While keeping WOTB until the cd resets or even longer

    CodingCandy#1750 US NA
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