Please aid a WW Barb Newbie. Thanks!

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    Hi I wanted to build WW Barb to do high MP levels and was wondering if I can get some advice. I'd like to Breeze through MP5 and hopefully one day handle MP10. Had a few questions.

    1. How much Attack speed do I need to do this?
    2. How should I prioritize my offensive stats? My guess is: CritH, Attack Speed, Strength, CritD, Damage.
    3. At about how much DPS with ~5.7-6.0 Life Leech will LL over power LoH or will be enough to survive? Was wondering if anyone made any chart/graph/table for something like this comparing LoH with AS and LL with DPS?
    4. For Weapon choice. A echo fury with Crit D or Socket or both would obviously be nice....but they are pretty expensive. How much DPS should I look for on rares or Echo to be able to do MP5 with relative easy and possibly try higher levels?

    Thanks for the help!
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    1. 2.4Aspd. Usually achieved with OH being the stat stick for AS/CC/CD
    2. Your prioritize of stats is wrong. It should be CC/CD/AS/STR=DMG/AVGDMG
    3. Well You need atleasty 85K DPS to utilize 6%. Anything lower you need LOH to be effective.
    4. You said you want to handle MP5 with a breeze? I spent 150Mil on my Barb, and i still have problems.

    If you want the BiS
    Head: Mempo/Andariel (With Sockets)
    Chest: IK/Rare Chest (3Socks/Str/Vit/AR)
    Hands: IK/Rare Gloves (CC/AS/CD/Str)
    Bracers: Lacuni/Strongarm
    Shoulders: Vile Ward
    Belt: IK/Witching Hour
    Pants: IK/Rare Pants (2Socks/Vit/AR/Str)
    Ring1: CC/CD/AS/Str/Socket (If possible)
    Ring2: Same as above but with LL/LoH
    Amulet: CC/CD/AS/Socket
    Shoes: Ice Climbers (Socket/AR/MSpd/Str)
    MH: 1K DPS+ (LL/Str/Vit/Socket/90% CD/Weapon Dmg/Socket) Combination of atleast 4-5 of these
    OH: 800+ DPS (Aspd/LL/Str/90% CD/Socket)

    Aim for these stats in your Barb, and heck you be breezing through MP10.... Not really.
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