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    So like it seems alot of people have been doing lately, i have come back to the Diablo world but it has been quite some time. Infernal machine, paragon levels, monster power.. all this is new to me. After doing some reading and figuring out what all of this is, im left with one thing: gearing my barb for WW.

    Ive thrown some stuff together with what funds i had and with little knowledge of what exactly to be looking for. Would love if someone could point me in the right direction with some key upgrades or just overall what i should be aiming for. My funding pool is about 50m at most. Any help at all is greatly appreciated as i work back into the diablo world.

    (not sure if link will "link" but here it is")
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    you have no movement speed and your crit hit damage is very low.

    because you allready have 3 pieces of ik set, I would buy first
    IK Boots and IK Chest
    rare pants with 2 sockets and high vitality >200 and all resistance

    next new offhand
    the dps of your offhand doesn't matter
    why? main dps come from your tornados
    Tornadoes do 20% main hand weapon damage per tick.
    When dual-wielding, tornado tick frequency depends on the attacks per second (aps) of the last weapon swingbefore using Sprint.

    critical hit damage >70
    loh >700
    maybe str or vit

    next get better gems - star gems should be enough for the start

    next get a new mainhand
    either mighty weapon or mace (you must decide what you want)
    high dps
    maybe str or crit damage

    more details about

    Sprint RLTW (Tornado) tick frequency mechanics
    How to get 24% movement speed?
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    Exactly what i was looking for thank you! Ill look into these changes and try it out. Have a suggested MP to run on or does it basically come down to what you are comfortable with and/or effecient with?
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    MP1, for the fastest para lvling.
    MP2+, for fun/challenge
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    Quote from Bourrelle

    MP1, for the fastest para lvling.
    MP2+, for fun/challenge


    low mp for fast para leveling or item hunting
    depends on your gear (normally something between mp0 and mp3)

    higher mp for fun / challenge or key farming
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    So ive upgraded most of my items via AH and lucky drops but stuck on what should be upgraded next. Any advice on a key peice i may still be missing out on?

    (Still sitting a little over 20m)
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