Back after a break, need some direction. (ww build)

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    Hey guys, been following this forum for a long time now and just recently returned to D3 after a break and looking to get back on my barb. He's already got some paragon levels under his belt but his gear is severly slacking atm. Just farming mp0 for speed atm.

    Really looking for first pieces to upgrade... from what I can tell.

    My lacuni bracers are awful and should be replaced.
    I have a skorn also to use since I also realized that weapon doesnt have inherent crit damage.

    Right now I now I know I have alot to upgrade and I want to start saving for some choice pieces (pieces around 10-40m each).. crit mempos that are 350m are way out of my price range.

    I cant link yet but here is my profile.

    Any feedback on what to replace what first, and possible what to aim for would be great. Some amazing barbs on here for sure.

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    There, fixed your link for you, sir ;)

    I won't be able to help you since I have been taking a break from D3 myself for like 2-3 months now :fret:
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    ty very much for the link fix! appreciate it.
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    I'm from EU but here, for ~40 mil you can get an IK chest with 180+str, 80 vit and phys/fire resist if you search for it often. You would lose some HP which sucks, because atm its right where you want it to be, but it can be made up for on a different piece. You are lacking some dmg reductions. Mostly AR, try to get it up to at least 450 for now (chest, boots), armor will raise with ilvl and STR so don't bother with it. Litany is a great ring.

    Once your defenses are fixed, try to get some more AS, and an offhand with high CHD+socket (and upgrade that gem). Keep crafting Hellfire rings and hope for one with CHC.

    With 40m , you have 2 choices for Lacunis (again, i only know EU prices so could vary). High CHC, low or 0 STR and 0 AR or no CHC, but nice STR+VIT+AR. (my lacunis costed exactly 40m)
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    great thanks for the feedback sexton. all great points. I will definately try to get my AR up and replace those pieces first. appreciated!
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    I would recommend getting some AR aswell
    also try and get some more crit chance

    I know this sounds crazy, but try and get a pair of Zunimassa's trail with some str and some AR, they are quite cheap on EU atleast (WHY do you ask) well hehe since you have a black weapon in your MH, you are goin to benefit from the 7-8% extra poison damage hehe its a nice little trick ;)

    Best regards

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    Perfect, I think I will prob go for a 180 st 80+ vit IK chest first. Upgrade offhand, a good lacuni, and save up for some decent ice climbers as well, and possibly go from there. (gem upgrades as well obviously).
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    Replaced my chest piece. found a IK chest at a good price. It dropped my HP down to 34k, but upped my DPS and gave me + AR

    I was thinking of either

    A) spending gold on a high vit neck (200+ vit) with CHD and CHC.

    B) replacing my IK helm with a beter IK helm with 100+ more str on it. (I think buying a non crit mempo would be a dps loss ... (losing 5.5 CHC..although id get the 75+ AR).. so im not sure which to choose on that one.

    C) I thought about buying inna pants.. but then id lose the AR once again. Which from the feedback before, I need to boost my AR. Maybe I can sit on those pants for now.

    D) or focusing on weapons.. getting a solid MH and nice stat OH.
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    Dont bother with that much vit, with onough AR (like 450-500 for beginning) 32-35k is pretty much enough, i can do mp10 with my barb, it takes ages but i wont die
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