Got 100mil for newbie char, upgrades?

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    Hey my friend that i recently got into D3 had a lucky drop and got some sick gloves that he's selling for 100million,
    since he just dinged 60 he's obviously gonna need a hole new set with this new gold. And since i know nothing about barbarians i made this thread hoping that someone with more experience with barbs could help me help my friend so he doesnt buy bad gear.
    Here's his armory
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    Check other current barb posts. There is alot of options depending on build and MP your going for. I am building towards MP10 capable gear. Right now i do MP1 runs with a Scorn for tornado 1 shots. I use Mace + Sword w/life steal for high MP. Barbs are by far the most exspensive to gear. Read some Barb posts click on thier links and see how they are playing.
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    My build
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    I think first update is good for mempo twilight with 220+str, and witching hour with str/vit
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    A witching hour is definitly not a low budget item and I wouldn't go for one with only 100 million gold.
    There are by far better upgrades for much less gold. And he doesn't even have a lifesteal weapon, so an IK belt with Lifesteal would be the best bet for the start.

    His life is extremly low, this is where I would start.
    Get either an IK Chest or a rare Chest with Str, Vit, Allres and 3 Sockets.
    For legs, get either Innas pants or rare ones with str, high vit (200+), allres and 2 sockets. Depending on how much the movementspeed is needed. However Innas is really nice for MS if you can't afford good lacunis.
    Then rings with +dmg, str and critchance and / or ias/critdamage. Rather get defensive stats on the other slots, rings are dmg slots.
    A neck with str, +dmg, ias/critdamage and crit chance.
    A head with socket for better leveling! maybe ik for the setbonus if he needs / wants it.
    And last but definitly not least he should either get a better skorn or 2x 1h. (They are quite cheap if you go a bit down in dps these days.)
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    Hm, for the moment, keep the rings, gloves and shoulders.
    If the intention is to farm plvl and items, I'd suggest the mainstream WW-spec and a fury-oriented equipment:

    -buy the remaining IK pieces for the fury bonus (aim for useful random rolls), they are all pretty solid
    -buy a weapon set consisting of a high dps Mighty Weapon mainhand and a very fast (Dagger or preferrably EF) offhand, one of those should have life steal, other useful stats are ofc crit damage and str (sockets too as they equal critdamage, but they are expensive and the gems alone could eat half the budget)
    -buy either rare pants + amulet or the Blackthorne pieces (depending on remaining budget)
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    Solmyr77 allready give great tips which gear to buy for a mainstream ww/rltw spec

    First of all your friend should decide what he want to do.
    Paragon leveling on low monster power or playing on higher monster power?
    Then decding which specc he want to use to reach his aims! Doese he want a mainstream ww/rltw spec or something other like hota build, weapon throw barbarian, cleave barbarian, 2hand cleave rend barbarian, if we know this we can give better advices how to spent the money.
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