Gear Advice - Help me upgrade my throw barb

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    my barb -

    I have about 80m to spend

    wondering what pieces i should go for first
    looking for any and all advice so i can learn to gear for high MP

    thanks in advance guys.
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    bumpp, anyone ?
    seems like i am the only throw barb around :P
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    Hi , Im collecting pieces as well just as a funbuild to mess around with. :ninja:

    High mp throw barbs might be the most expensive build to make for barbs so far Ive tested the throw build in mp3 comfortably but I think hota or rend/cleave and ww will net better results in higher mp.

    In terms of gear - a good three 300th spear with soc and higher weapon throw and spear bonus (50 % is max) is a nice off hand for the throw build.

    You'l need to reduce the cost of throw by using items like a Stone of Jordan , Maras Kaleidoscope , Immortals Kings Belt , Witching hour - the max reduction needed is 9 .

    With decent cc and into the fray you should have plenty of fury to spend on throws.

    Looking at your character I would suggest improving vitality as well possibly even a high dps main hand 1100 ish is nice.
    Echoing Fury is a good weapon with fast attacks and a socket is recommended as well.

    Take a look at this Barbs profile - really great throw Barb.

    Hope ive shed some light on the subject.
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