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    hi guys,

    after obtaining a few pieces for a good price and gaining some paragonlevels i am once again in a situation where i don't know, what to upgrade. i'm playing ww barb and farming mp1 alkaizer routes.

    my budget atm is 25-30mil. what should i get to comfortably farm mp2 and even higher for keys?
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    As far as I can see you should be able to do MP2 without a problem.
    Your DMG and resistances seem fine to me for MP2. I can't say for later since I haven't played it higher than MP2 with barb.
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    yeah i survive mp2 ok, but i have the feeling it's a bit slow, so i am looking for upgrades mainly on the dps side without sacrificing too much survivability. my aim is not only to grind paragon as fast as possible but to upgrade my gear as good as i can :)
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    my aim is not only to grind paragon as fast as possible but to upgrade my gear as good as i can :)

    if this is your aim then play on mp0 or mp1. this will increase your exp much more then slowing upgrading your gear to be faster on mp2.
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    yeah i'm doing that atm but eventually i want to step up the mp, otherwise i wouldn't need any money at all to upgrade and the game would be kind of pointless to me^^
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    Inna's Temperance with a STR roll. Automatic 1%CH + the awesome 12% Movement Speed, you can make up for the RESall loss by picking up a nice Vile Ward.

    Honestly though the biggest hindrance is your hellfire ring. That slot could have CHC, CHD and %AS. So unless you want to sacrifice your 35%exp bonus it is going to be EXPENSIVE to see some real progress.
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    You can get a nice 250+ str Vile Ward for 4-5 mill, an amulet upgrade for the same price and I advice you gear up your enchantress, use 42 int gems on her, get an amulet with 250 int + socket, rings with 150 int + socket. Don't know why it's slow for you. Not enough LoH or Life Steal holding you back by forcing you defensive perhaps.
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