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    Hello fellow Barbs!

    I haven't played Diablo in quite a while and left my account alone with a lovely 60million so bought a few upgrades and starting to try and build my empire again. Currently at 10million and have had a few nice drops for sale so should be able to hit about 70 or so soon.

    Anyway, I'm currently farming Act 3 with the lovely Alkaizer route, which works out well. Using MP1 as MP0 was faceroll, but didn't want to add to much time to how long I should spend on the route.

    Anyway, heres my profile -- http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/needsy-2368/hero/42116

    BattleTag:- Needsy#2368

    I'm wondering what sort of stats I should be aiming for and what I could upgrade/change. All comments, suggestions and love is welcome :)

    Thanks in advance and hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and joyful New Year!

    Live long and prosper
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    Your gear looks pretty solid to me, maybe lacking a few resists.
    How much crit dmg do you have? Adding more will give you a dps boost. Upgrade the gems in your weps to the best emeralds you can afford, and get some more crit damage on rings.
    A dps calculator such as d3rawr / d3up will help you with purchases.

    Also, a lifesteal belt will become pretty much essential if you want to try higher MP levels.
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    Quote from "GingerAnger" »

    How much crit dmg do you have?

    I have 55.50% crit hit, and 370% crit hit damage
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    Ok, I admit that's more than I'd guessed. Aim for around 500% crit dmg though.
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    Belt, Pants and both rings.
    I would go with an IK belt with lifesteal and >200 Str.
    Pants: Either Innas with Vita on it or rare pants with Str, 200+ Vita, allres and 2 sockets. There are some really cheap ones in the ah if you have luck.
    Rings: Get rings with +dmg, str, crit chance and crit damage. Swap crit damage or +dmg with attack speed if you have to gold and feel you need more.
    A Unity with crit dmg rnd roll is quite nice for example but will also cost you a lot.
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    I've done a few upgrades.

    I now have an Immortal King's belt, which has more Ress All and 2.80% dmg dealt converted to life.
    I also bought 2 new rings one which has 180str, 69 ress all, and 36% crit dmg, and a Unity ring which has 163str, 275+ life on hit, 4.5% crit chance and 3% elite damage.

    Takes my new stats to:
    94,166 damage unbuffed,
    112,371 damage with Battle Rage.
    455 lowest ress, 503 highest.
    55% crit chance
    406% crit damage
    Armor 5333 unbuffed
    Armor 7466 buffed
    HP - 39,438

    The belt can be upgraded but I don't have enough gold just yet, just want to get an idea of what to aim for next.
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    lose your vit gems and replace with strength. aim vor around 35k hp, that should do good enough.

    2nd thing: you want to have 24% movement speed, so look for inna's pants or lacuni's bracers
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