Main hand upgrade + gear.

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    Hey yall

    Im looking to buy a new rare mace to mainhand, to offhand the echoing fury, and would like to hear some advice before doing so. I dont want to waste millions if its not gonna be noticeable !

    unbuffed dps, also looking for quick advice on general upgrade, I feel im at the point where I look at my gear and Im like i dunno how to increase my dps now without lowering my resist, without a budget of billions gold !

    Feel free to add your comment and opinions !

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    if you want to buy a new mainhand, then you should also buy a new echoing fury, because this one is very bad for an offhand.

    You don't need low fear if you wear your echoing fury in offhand.
    Further your echoing fury should have high strength and a socket.
    Then you must decide if you want life steal or critcial damage as a 2nd attribute on ef.
    Dps on your offhand is not this important.

    A new mainhand can be very expensive, depending on which stats you want.
    But before switching weapons, I would suggest you read this topic about ww & sprint rltw tick frequency mechanics.

    If you don't want to switch weapons first, I would suggest to buy Ice Climbers with movement speed, or Ice Climbers without movement speed + lacunis with critical hit.
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    Yeah I already have climbers + lacunis was just not wearing em for some reasons lol.. This chart looks pretty exhaustive to understand lol.. I was only wondering if a higher min max dmg from a 1.20 mace would make a real difference.
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    If you just replace echo fury with a mace then you will loose DPS, as it has +attack speed affix, which applies to both weapons. ( a super mace could perhaps replace the echo fury but not likely )
    Do what Tazeon said, replace both weapons.

    ( disregard this post, did not fully read your first post )
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