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    Looking for gear suggestions, such as what pieces I should try to get and what pieces I have ( other than all them ) that are complete crap. I know I need more life and resistances, just not sure what pieces of gear to replace first to acquire these attributes. Any and all suggestions/tips ( to include spec ) are welcome. Please be gentle.
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    First of all you should upgrade your gems, but these could be very expensive, but these upgrades stay forever.
    You have many items with +%life, but these won't help you this much if you have low vitality.

    Therefore I would suggest to switch your rare ring and your amulet with better stats and some vitality.

    You have good items, but many of those could have better stats, but these are expensive.
    You have a very bad IK Chest, if you would stay with 5 pieces IK Set then save your gold to get a better or near perfect IK Chest.

    So I would suggest.
    Upgrade Gems
    Change Ring and Amulet
    save your gold for better / near perfect IK Chest
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