Returning to a new game - need advice!

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    So, I quit playing d3 about a month or 2 after it came out. My brother recently decided to start playing again and convinced me to give it another try. My first toon will be a barb. i have a few questions since the game has changed so much.

    1. is crit chance, crit dmg still the #1 stat? i know attack speed used to be king, did the nerf completely kill it or do i need a specific amount?

    2. for a farming barb, what build is best on a budget, since ill only have the gold accumulated from the leveling process; 200k so far at lv 36. probably 1 mill or so by level 60.

    3. what slot should i aim at upgrading first? is weapon still the best to upgrade?

    4. what uniques do i need to keep an eye out for as a farming barb, and why?

    5. what is the best farming route now? is the pony land even worth trying?
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    1. high strength, crit chance and then crit damage.
    you should only aim for attack speed if you have better gear.

    2. first of all, the build you play should be fun for you, but for the start a 2hand cleave + rend with a cheap skorn is the cheapest method.

    3. yes

    5. alkazier route.
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    thanks for the answers! any other opinions would be great!
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