Another gearing question

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    Well, first my char :

    I am sitting on a few millions, but not more than 5-10 at any time. Recent upgrades were the shoulders, the boots for the two set bonus, the chest. I am sitting at 55k dps, almost 70k with battle rage. Resists are all well over 600 with war cry.

    Problems I face : I can not keep up wrath. I always run out of mobs ^^ Not that I need it on MP0 xp runs, but I am working on a hellfire ring and MP4-5 gets very tough not to die. I usualy die alot to molten ( if not kiting like crazy ) and to poison if I dont pay attention.

    With a budget of 5 - 10 mil, what would be my best item to go for next ? I saw that a right witching hour could increase my dps by 10k or more, but then I lose so many resists ( 80 + 60 setbonus ) that I am scared to do that...

    Also : is it good to switch to a two hander ?
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    Sell your main hand and buy a Sever (850-1000 dps) with a socket. Upgrade your OH gem and use it as MH.
    Buy another piece of IK gear for the 3set bonus. 15% melee damage reduction is alot.
    Mp4 should be a joke.
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    Actualy, I was just fine on mp5 yesterday. Pulled 2 champ packs at once and survived ( twice ). Did some key runs.

    Bought pants with 50 more vita so that i can socket one strengh gem. Also upgraded the gems in the helmet and weapon.

    I will look into the weapons you suggested, thanks.

    speaking of the set bonus, isnt that just 4% reduction ? I was looking into buying the IK chest, but that thing is expensive ^^

    edit : sever does not look atractive to me. I get 9% crit hit damage, but lose atack speed and have to have the hammer with less dps in the mainhand.
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    The idea behind Sever is not it's dps but the proc it has.
    Check this threat http://www.diablofan...r/#entry1087415
    and this video (video is not mine. it was the first one on the list.)

    By using Sever you will gain 150+ vit, 20-25% damage to demons (ACT3 is full of demons and 25% is alot), 1% crit, more attack speed on your offhand (faster tornado ticks from Sprint) and the proc.
    With just 6% life steal (3 from belt and 3 from passive) that proc can heal you to full hp.
    I had a Sever since the start of 1.0.4 and it carried me to plvl 100. I could farm keys on MP10 without dieing and not caring what affixes the elites had or how many packs there were. All I had to do on higher MPs was pull the elites in a pack of mobs and WW the shit out of them. Clever use of game mechanics no? :P

    You can always buy the cheapest Sever in the AH and check the proc out.
    If you feel it's not worth it, then well, don't use it.

    Edit: You don't loose attack speed. That 11% IAS on you MH do not carry on your OH. Only Echoing Fury can do that.
    Swords have 1.4 base attack speed.
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    For keyfarming on higher monster power I would suggest to get a cheap skorn and using another build.
    Cleave + Rend (If you are interested in this way, you can find a guide on my blog.)

    In EU you can get a Skorn with more then 300 Str, 180 critical damage below 1 mio with 1.100 - 1.190 dps.

    If you are more interested in run lower monster power with your current skills, then first I would get another mainhand weapon with a socket and minimum 60 critical damage. For 5-8 mio you will get a mace or axe with 950-980 dps.
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    I went the Skorn route. Only played around with it a little bit after buying, but my dps is now 110k and mp5 is a breeze. NEed to get my life up a little.

    So far I have just used my ww/Sprint build with the skorn, but I will also try your build, Tazeon.
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    give it a try. I hope you will be surprised. If you want, we can also play together with the same skills.
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    Quote from Tazeon

    give it a try. I hope you will be surprised. If you want, we can also play together with the same skills.

    I am not a big fan of your rend build. It lacks mobility IMO. Once you are surroundet by mobs, there is no way out. I would use charge or leap or whirlwind or anything that lets you move trough mobs, or i would use HotA to push them back.

    I found that charge works very well, specialy with the rune that resets the CD if you hit enugh mobs. You can basicaly rend - charge - rend - charge etc.

    All in all, your build does not realy increase survivability for me much. I can easily do mp6 with the ww/sprint build, and when i try your build on mp8, i take too much damage once i am surroundet. Maybe I will try rend / hota next.
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