[GUIDE] Weapon Throw Gameplay + Build Videos

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    With the world ending at all, I figure today is as good a day as any to start (and possibly finish) releasing build guides for the multitude of quirky builds I've racked up this past year.

    My first guide is the incredibly flexible Weapon Throw build that removes the need for generators via Battle Rage with Into the Fray. It also maximizes the benefits of the No Escape passive by using Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear for strong burst AoE damage through Wrath of the Berserker with Slaughter.

    I recommend watching the Gameplay Preview first before the Build Guide itself as it is quite technical. Going forward, I'll be releasing guides for every class covering as many of the lesser used abilities and runes as I can.

    Please feel free to critique me or offer feedback that I can use to improve my guides going forward :D



    Axe + 300th Spear - http://d3up.com/b/968
    Mighty Weapon + Sever - http://d3up.com/b/196806

    You can find my channel at www.youtube.com/ProzaicMuze
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    Awesome! I love quirky builds I've subscribed and i'm looking forward to future content you make ;-)
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    Nice to see that you managed to upload some videos after promisin them on your stream like .... 3 months ago ;)
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    what is the overall budget of demo video?
    sorry if you mentioned it in video, watched just a pieces.
    killing speed looks very low, a minute for mp5 elite pack, 10-15 seconds for mp1.. that is just 'meh'
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    Quote from Deathyz

    Nice to see that you managed to upload some videos after promisin them on your stream like .... 3 months ago ;)

    Better late than never right? Just like Diab. . . oh wait. . . ;P

    Quote from Aldoran

    what is the overall budget of demo video?
    sorry if you mentioned it in video, watched just a pieces.
    killing speed looks very low, a minute for mp5 elite pack, 10-15 seconds for mp1.. that is just 'meh'

    For me, it's about finding viable builds and sharing them with you who are more capable of investing in them. There have already been videos showing variations of the Weapon Throw build cruising through MP10 no problem, so it's more my lack of uber gear than the build itself. I also hate Paragon and Monster Power levels, but I know there are many of you who want to know if a build can actually handle higher MP levels so I try to demonstrate that. If you're looking for the most efficient setup you probably aren't going to be satisfied with my builds, but hopefully you get some ideas worth experimenting with. I have more fun finding viable builds than I do farming Alkaizer runs. I try to be up front about that :D

    The majority of the builds I'll be showing are on a 5-10mil budget while every so often a 10-15mil build will come along (Like the upcoming Hand of Ytar build that uses very specific gear). I very rarely spend more than 2-3mil on an item. It's worth pointing out that you can take my gear as an example and achieve the same results with 3-5mil and 7-10mil respectively given that most of my cost is iterating through gear until I find items that "fit" well.

    In case you didn't check the video description where the links are, here are the stats for both sets of weapons that I use and I'll add them to the OP as well:

    Axe + 300th Spear - http://d3up.com/b/968 (60k DPS before WOTB)
    Mighty Weapon + Sever - http://d3up.com/b/196806 (54k DPS before WOTB)

    The numbers start unbuffed, but you can turn on abilities and passives to see where they end up at.
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    Great guide!! Not just saying that to be nice either, it was probably the best presented video guide Ive seen.

    And lucky for me, I am currently tryng to make a WT build work. Your guide answered all my questions, and did it in a way that also taught me about barb in general. I dont like guides that just show you the build, talk about that exact build and runes, and show some video of it working. Most times they're talking about spells and runes so fast, and showing unrelated battle sequences, I have no idea whats what.

    I like how you:
    Discussed each spell 1 at a time and explained all possible runes.
    Showed the spells and runes as you talked them.
    Explained their symmetry with the other spells.
    Broke your gameplay segment into step-by-step parts to teach the playstyle.
    Showed very specific examples of those steps as you talked them.

    Thanks so much! Hopefully other players use the same format as this, instead of the standard hover-over-a-spell-and-talk-so-fast-no-one-understands guides I see. I mean, if I understood what they were saying that fast, I wouldnt need their guide......
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    Glad I could help :D

    Thanks for the feedback as well, I was actually worried that my guide would be TOO technical and I'd get lots of "too long, didn't watch" posts. . . I've made many text tutorials for SC2 Mapping and they're quite lengthy as well ;P
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    Your videos are totally fine. Especially for those for who it is new land. Hope you keep up the limit and I do really hope you will include your "Lord of the flies" build in your WD section, hopefully with a little side description how it came to be.

    PS Start streamin!!
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    Oh I'll be covering as many builds as I can before another patch ruins e'erthang! I've got 6-7 builds for every class lined up already with a couple pushing 10+ builds. Should be fun :D

    As for streaming. . . it could happen ;P Given that you know my "situation" already it's just a matter of having the time for it. I am definitely eager to stream at some time in the future though!
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    Hey ProzaicMuze, nice guide. Like most people I enjoyed the presentation the video is really good on this.
    On the build i my self found back to Diablo3 by playing WT and having a lot of fun. For now i sacrificed it for the sake of efficiency and plvling with WW its not most fun and although i struggle on higher mp with it i find it fastest on mp0 :)

    However on your build i found some good ideas i will try to get on in my build. What i prefer is more weapon throw cost reduction.
    When i came back i buyed a MarasKalaidoskope and a Immortal Kings belt with -4 and -5 and got down to 1 Fury (@Aldoran it cost me about 5mil) from that point on with some decent amount of crit-chance WT became somewhat of a fury generator than a fury eater. Whit that said if you now use hammer of the ancient you can do some really devastating dmg on elite packs and with the stunning rune it also provides a lot of safety on higher mplvls

    So that where my thoughts on this build.
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    Thanks for the feedback :)

    I actually have another build that focuses on Hammer of the Ancients with a 2H weapon so I didn't mention it in this guide, but I agree it's quite powerful! There are so many cool ways to incorporate other abilities with Weapon Throw, but I try to make every build about focusing on a particular theme or combination. In this case it was No Escape. It prevents all of my builds from running together and becoming an amorphous blob of abilities.
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    awesome video.
    got me back into my barb again

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    Glad I could spark some fun for yeh!

    Also, just posted the next guide for a Bola Shot Demon Hunter
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    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for posting this.
    I had quit the game pretty much and thought this might be fun to try.
    It's more fun than I ever had playing D3 before.
    I had a barb at 60 already and got him a few upgrades as you suggested,(didn't cost more than a few mil), and
    I can farm act 3 on mp3 pretty easily. The gear is really not that great.
    I bought a Sever and a 300th as you suggested but I couldn't find a really good axe or mace with crit damage
    for a decent price, so I'm using my sever with some crit damage and the 300th together. It's pretty fun but I do
    miss that 10 crit.
    Thanks again, I subscribed and I'm going to watch your bola shot video soon.
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    Yeah, I got lucky and snagged several 90% crit gems back when they dipped down to 4mil a pop (no idea what happened there) so I can get away with less crit damage on the weapons themselves. Happy to hear you're enjoying the game again though :D

    I definitely don't count myself amongst the "fanboy" crowd (or whatever they're being labeled) and would love to kick a few of the devs in the junk for some of their decisions, but I still want the game to be fun.
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    i like using rend with the life steal rune, harpoon + rend = invulnerable :D
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    Rend is indeed a solid rune. I use several variations of it in my upcoming builds :D
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