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    Hi all,

    I'm currently in a bit of dead end when it comes to gear upgrade, so I've decided to ask for some advice .

    I can't post links yet so my profile is: /d3/en/profile/BatuKMan-2108/hero/21692210

    Currently WW barb paragon 26, EU server.

    I'm able to farm MP1, ACT 3 easily with one shot everything except elite (1-2min), however I feel the loot I get from Alkaizer runs on MP1 is very poor with an average of ~0.5 legendary/run, bumping to MP5 I can double the average but it takes me soooo long as I don't do enough damage.

    Now if I was rich this would be easy but with a ~10M budget I can't seem to get any bang for the buck.

    I think my base stats are not completely out of balance but I can't seem to upgrade without compromising too much.

    If budget wouldn't be a problem then I would have a Mempo of Twilight with CC and high Str, IK chest and belt high Str, Ice Climbers with high str and vit, Lacuni's with CC and AR, Rare gloves with CC, CD, IAS, Armor and Str, amulet and rings with CC, CD, Average Damage, Life %, Life on Hit, IAS, high str shoulders and pants with high vit, str and sockets. Weapons with be MH, 1000+ DPS with CD ans socket and OH 600+ DPS with CD, socket, LS and Vit/Str.

    Now stop dreaming and back to the real world I've tried different weapons and I can't boost my DPS high enough, I've tried:

    1. Two Mighty Weapons - with CD and socket, couldn't find above dps to ~850 DPS, total CD buffed with nearly 500%. Didn't work, 51k damage, too much Fury generated to keep WoTB;

    2. 2H Skorn: with 324 Str, 194% CD plus socket, 1250 DPS, total CD buffed ~400%. Didn't work, 82k damage, depleted Fury too fast and it's too slow to regain dispite the 1.3 Attack Speed, couldn't keep WoTB;

    3. Bul-Kathos set: MH 1085 DPS, 284 Str, OH 850 DPS, 185 Str, 94% CD. Didn't work, 47k damage, low CD, doesn't do enough damage as my overall CD was below 180%. Maybe a socket would help a bit but I don't think it's worth the investment.

    My current set-up is not optimal but better than all the above, I manage to get WoTB as long as I'm fighting at least 3 monsters, problem is I take so long to kill elites in MP5 that I get stuck a lot with just one loosing the WoTB.

    I'm happy with the tornadoes Proc and I can clear mobs with ease, also with 1200+ LoH, 5.9% LS and 50k EHS I can survive standing in desecration and 3 arcane beams on MP5 without worrying about dying, however taking 3-4min per elite pack or more if they have extra health or shield is not acceptable it shouldn't take me more than 1-2min.

    I would appreciate some help on how to boost my Damage within budget and without transforming myself into a glass cannon. Any constructive critics will be greatly appreciated..
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    Now i'm no barb expert or anything, but as far as your profile shows, i'd say you need more chd, and str. Str is pretty low on most of your items and crit hit dmg lacks on many of the slots too. Defense looks fine tho. Now, if you're able to upgrade for 10m only. i'm not sure since im not expert on barbs :) but hope you'll be able to benefit a bit from what i answered :) Have a lot of barb friends so feel semi qualified to give a bit of feedback

    After further inspection, i'd say rings and pants, should be upgradeable at your current budget
    Regards DreamWalker

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    Thanks DreamWalker, rings with CHC, CHD and Damage are really expensive. Pants that I can afford seem to either have high Str or Vit not both but you're right I should maybe change some Vit for Str.
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    Afaik, as long as chc and chd on rings isn't max 6%/50% they aren't too expensive. str: min. 50, chc at about 3-4,5%, chd at +25-30 should be possible to get at a decent price, avg dmg on rings is nice, but if lucky it's actually possible to find one on AH, where you don't have to pay for it.

    regarding the pants, i would either get a pair with low str/high vit/2 sockets or opposite, high str/low vit/2 sockets and then you just put in the gems that has the lowest stats or what ever you need.
    Regards DreamWalker

    Donnie: Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?
    Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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    I'll keep searching for the rings, yesterday with 4% CC and 30% CD plus +25-50 average damage and low LOH was going for over 18m, anything better would be 10x more expensive at least, maybe I have to drop LOH completely and rely more on LS as I increase the DPS.

    Maybe I should re-think a bit my strategy and unbalance vit with str a bit more, lower AR by 100 and VIT by 200 to boost STR by at least 500, is that a stupid idea?
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    Ok, here's a few ideas:-

    Swap out those vit gems for str gems.
    Ditch the vit on your IK belt and buy a new one with 170 - 180 str (should be a cheap upgrade)
    Shoulders are also a cheap upgrade, 190 str, 70 vit, 60 or higher all resist (+ fire resist is nice)
    Replace pants with 80str + 150vit + 60 all resist + 2 sockets for str gems. (Don't think this will be cheap however)

    Then as previously mentioned start looking at more crit dmg on rings/amulet/weapons.
    I think you could lose a few resists without it hurting too much. Around 550 before shout works ok for me.
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    Thanks GingerAnger, sound advise, I shall dig into the AH!
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    If your looking for ubers you can flop in overpower crushing advance over war cry impunity.
    With ls crushing advance is amazing.

    If your looking to farm for gold/ items unfortunately the low mp lvls is where it is at. the .5 legendaries sounds like crap but you can do the run in 7-10 min so your looking at 3 legendaries per hour, it will take about 3 hours to get 1 that is worth anything though.

    I really like blackthorne's jousting mail for pants has 400ish loh on it and you can flop it amongst your characters, it is a solid purchase.
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    Thx Zealot, I've just followed the advices above and I'm broke, but I agree that the BT jousting mail is good, I'll try overpower with crushing advance, however I did lower my LOH and AR to increase damage.
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    What do you think of my updated barb?

    My next upgrades need to be:
    Replace Unity ring with another with CC, CD, Average Damage and STR/Life %
    Replace MH for one with CD, socket
    Replace chest by an IK
    Replace shoulders for one with more STR, same VIT and similar AR
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