WW barb recently returned to D3, need DPS advise...

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    So I stopped playing D3 several months ago (late July), because I felt like I was beating my head against a wall. I was stuck in Act III, getting my ass torn apart by just about anything. Recently, I saw that 1.05, and now 1.06 has dropped and it looks like the difficulties changes alot.

    So a few days ago I started back up. I easily cleared Inferno with no gear changes (since I left). I have since done some reading on the forum (TryHard 1.05 Barb guide). I don't have much gold, so I picked up pieces as I started on Inferno MP1. It amazes me how many cheap legendaries are out there... when I left they were tens of millions even for bad ones. Well MP1 seemed too easy part way through Act II, after a few gear changes so I bumped it to MP2. I am in Act III MP2 so far, and things seem to be going ok, but I am dissappointed with my DPS.

    So far I haven't spent more than 500k on any one piece (most were 100k or less). Because legendaries were so cheap I couldn't resist buying a Bul-Kathos set. Even with all this new gear, my DPS seems low, only ~56k (before buffs), ~66k with Battle Rage, and ~90k with WotB (which I can keep up for the whole length of an elite battle) I may be a little too tanky still. I focus more of def stats out of habit of how the game was before. I'm not sure what I need to upgrade or which offensive stats I should focus more on. This is where I could use some advise. Thats for the help!

    My battle tag: Immortalnite#1207 (won't let me post links yet)

    HP 45k
    Resists: all between 650-740 (with Warcry)
    Armor: 8484 (with Warcry and Enchantress)
    LOH: 1113
    Life Steal: 3% (Bloodthirsty - seems to help a lot despite being 0.6% on Inferno)
    Life per sec: 353

    STR: 2108
    Crit chance: 40% (with Battle Rage)
    Crit damage: 300%
    IAS (on gear): 13%
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    Most of the damage comes from Critical Hit Damage and that is where you lack. Both your weapons are socketless-thus you are stuck on 300%. It should be ~500. Other stats are fine-ish.
    If I was you I'd firstly replace your chest piece (with maybe blackthorns, which is cheap, IK armors in EU at least are ~20M still), boots with some IK boots and leggings with Depth Diggers.
    After that you may want to think about a main hand mace/axe for 10% extra crit chance, IK Helm or a cheap Mempo of Twilight.
    --also don't forget about the hellfire ring, even the crappiest ones might be an upgrade.

    Have fun.
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    My advice would be to drop tough as nails and take weapons master. If you use an axe or mace in your main hand with weapon master passive your dps will skyrocket. In your offhand get you a dagger with life steal and crit dmg or life steal and an open socket ( use crit gem). Once you hit 70k dps life steal is better than life on hit so don't worry about losing that life on hit. I recommend a dagger in off hand because the tornados you get from sprint base their damage "ticks" on attack speed so dagger has the best attack speed. Don't worry too much about the dps on your offhand. Buy one if it has 600dps or more with life steal/crit dmg and/or socket and some strength is a bonus if you find a decent priced one. You can also get a mighty belt with roughly the same stats as the one you have...and life steal. If you get one of those you can drop the bloodthirsty and pick up Superstition passive to help with desocrate/molten which can be rough on a barb. I have an extra axe that might be a decent starting main hand for you. My battletag is Burgandy83#1961 and I will be on about 6pm EST and I will give you the axe if it hasn't sold yet. I hope any of that helps :)
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    Thanks for the replies. Its sad that Mighty weapons don't have a better bonus for weapon master, because they are awesome looking equipped. Another question... I have only been doing MP2 because I was nervous about trying anything higher and dying alot (I rarely die in MP2 currently). Do you thing I can do higher MPs with my gear or should I focus on getting some upgrades 1st?
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    The thing about MP is its really dependent on what you are aiming to do with your play session. This is how is breaks down IMO.

    1) MP1 is what I use if I am trying to just farm some gear/paragon levels/legendaries. Unless you can farm MP4-5 as quick as you can farm MP1 it isnt really worth it, because the % increase in mf/xp from higher MPs isn't greater than the speed you can kill things on MP1.

    2) MP7-8 is what I use if I am doing keywarden runs to work on getting keys to do the uber bosses for Hellfire rings.

    So again IMO if I were you with the gear you currently have.... run MP1 so that all items that drop automatically have a chance to roll ilvl63 stats instead of for example... an ilvl 58 rolling complete crap it can still roll something that would be an upgrade for you. If you get tired of doing that and want to try something harder then bump the MP up as high as you are comfortable with and run some keywarden games. The keywardens drop the keys to make the machines to do the uber bosses to get the hellfire rings. They have a drop chance based off what MP you are on, and the higher the MP the better the drop chance. Hope it helps :) Burgandy83#1961 feel free to add me, I will be semi afk for the next 4 hours while i watch my 49ers play, but happy to answer any questions!
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    Don't forget ... paragon levels = more stats ... more stats = more power / life.

    Get 20-30 paragon levels under your belt and that's a decent amount of extra stats.
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