WW barb to WT barb - help!

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    hey guys, i really hate to put up another thread on what to do to convert over to a WT barb, but as my gear is different than others, i mainly just want to get a general overview of what to look for in gear in a WT barb, aside from the obvious WT% gear, and more specifically how i should go about upgrading for the build to be effective for me... i haven't tried the build out, because i figure it's better to ask around, and get some advice / better knowledge on gear before i make the attempt... my sig has my profile, but heres a link to my barb... any and all comments / info is welcome! (P.S., i know my gear is mostly toilet, but for the most part, i can easily do MP3, with the exception of dying to some shittier spec elites)

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    Getting better gems, especially 100% crit gems in your weapons, is a good place to start. These might be a little spendy for your budget, but their value doesn't really depreciate (unless there is another round of duping). You never lose a gem - the earlier you buy one, the longer it works for you!

    Also, IK boots would be an immediate upgrade. Even if you get the cheapest pair out there for like 2M. You could also pick up a cheap pair of IK gloves which would give you the resist bonus, and some other upgrades.

    If you really want to go weapon throw, you'll need a little bit of -WT fury cost like on a soj or mighty belt (maybe IK?) and also you'll want to get a 300th spear with high +WT damage and a socket
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    WT build is pretty expensive if you want to do it effectively (ie use WT as a fury generator instead of a spender). You will need -4/-5 WT SoJ and belt (probably IK), you need high crit chance, and a high damage/socketed 300 spear isn't cheap. I wouldn't suggest going WT unless you have like 150m+ to spend on those items specifically, in addition to just generally upgrading the rest of your gear. It would be better IMO to just stay WW and keep farming instead of trying to force a build that probably will be difficult to make work well with your budget.
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    Hmm... Thanks for the info guys... You're right i do need the gems... I think I'll start there and see if that helps my mp0 inferno alk run times... Looks like i may have to stick to WW then... I havent seen over 25 mil on this guy.... ;( appreciate the input fellas this gives me a few more things to think about...
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    a cheap wep throw barb isnt hard to come by, depending on budget.... the hardest part is toooling thru all the rings to find one with the right stats lol :) wish the ah gods would make it searchable easier!

    what's your budget... how much are you willing to spend to make this work... on US gold is down to 29-32 cents per million.... consider dumping 8 bucks into the rmah to buy some gold and skip out on lunch for a couple days :) good to lose some weight and to gear your barb... lol

    i personally spent 29 million to buy the items i needed for the spec to work decent at low.mp... with my gear . maras ammy, skull grasp, and ik belt plus the spear... also got as much cheap legendary attack speed increase gear as i could afford and went to town with it.... its definetely doable for around 50 million or less(rmah its cheap to buy gold)... when i get home i'll see ur gear and offer more help :)
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    i don't really know, i was more lookin at what i should replace, in terms of getting the build to be effective up to say, MP4 or so.. i'm not planning on buying anything on the RMAH, so that idea is out... though i'm sure it'd make it that much easier... once i get an idea on gear / other shit i need to replace, then i'll start to budget for it... i have a pair of IK boots on, but for some reason the shit didn't update yet
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    kk so i saw your barb... you've got some work ahead of you! :) lol as for farming on mp4... you're never really going to want to farm on mp4... unless you're farming for keys... in which case stick with a better spec or roll with a wizard. Getting your dps to 90k will help as well as survival but mp1 is the sweet spot for most farming/sweet spot for this spec anyway :)

    For starters you'll need to replace quite a bit of your gear... but don't fret, its easily obtainable... imo you've gotta focus on lots of attack speed, and crit. Then crit dmg to follow.

    I'll just list some stuff on here for you and you can then build a budget based on what you'd like to do. My barb WT builds off attack speed and crit, with crit dmg where i can get it when i can get it... based off budget tho, i've opted to slack some on the crit damage portions.

    Helm: Mempo of Twilight or andariels with crit and attack speed... socket is a bonus
    Neck: Mara's amulet with high strength if possible(or vit) and -4 or 5 to weapon throw
    Rings: Focus on looking for HIGH attack speed bonus and critical hit chance, then throw in average dmg and strength as your budget allows. I've got like 7-9 % as and 3-5 crit on my rings + average dmg and strength and it seems to work well. This is for my ww build, but for weap throw build you'll need a skull grasp ring or a stone of jordan(or both) with - to weapon throw...

    the most important thing to remember is that you need to make weapon throw free to use. so -10 fury is your goal... this can be achieved thru amulet rings and belt... focus on attack speed when you can :) makes the dmg really fly

    Bracers: Highest strength you can find and 9 as... move speed is a bonus. The crit ones are super expensive so no real point to hunt for one unless you have tons of money :)
    Pants: Inna's temperance for move speed, crit, and attack speed, OR focus on defensive stats as you'll be losing some on the attack speed gears, either way, come see me if you're in the US i've got some spare pants that are definite upgrades that are pretty cheap :) we can work something out
    Belt: It'd be great to find a witching hour with -weapon throw but if you cant afford that Immortal Kings belts aren't that bad on cost and have all the appropriate stats, find one within your budget with -3 to -5 weap throw (higher the better so you need less on rings/neck)

    Weapons: Main Hand: Axe, Increased attack speed, High dmg, socket, life steal.... no other stats, as high a dmg as you can afford with life steal and a socket. If you add str and crit dmg your price sky rockets... you want the increased crit from axe, and high dmg for weapon throw(uses main hand dmg if i remember correctly)
    Offhand: The three hundredth spear with socket, high weapon dmg if possible and 45 + to each weapon throw and ancient spear(tho you really want highest dmg socket and weapon throw as possible)

    Gloves: You really need high crit high attack speed strength and whatever else but those 3 are priority for this slot.... attack speed is gonnna make a huge diffference, trifecta + str would be nice, when budget allows if all else fails, Immortal kings are cheap enough nowaday, and you can get the belt too to get the bonus :D

    If you go with inna's and lacunis for movement speed and Increased attack speed bonuses, you should ditch the boots you wear now and get a pair of ice climbers*(this is long term, as they are expensive as a 3 set sometimes )

    Hopefully this will help you locate and sort out the things you need .... remember you only really NEED to face roll on mp1... get into a group with a good wizard once you get your strength up there/damage higher and farm keys then off of mp5 or something with that guy while you dps :) Mp1 is pretty much farmable by anyone with a small budget... weapon throw would be easy to make it work depending on your absolute highest budget
    ! :D oh, also, you're going to want to use either scoundrel with windforce and max attack speed/vitality/all resist gear as possible, or an enchantress with defensive stats + a maximus for a weapon... that demon tanks pretty damn well and works great with this spec.... altho the windforce scoundrel with max attack speed, and "immobilize/freeze/stun on hit" gear with his multishot works wonders too... keeps enemies at bay while you lumberjack chuck shit to death :) good luck bro
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    first off, thank you for taking the time to really pick apart my barb and give me a serious and in depth answer. i've bee comtemplating scrapping this idea just becasue WW builds seem to be a joke anymore... though my gear isn't optimal for any build, really... but the WT build seems to be the most effective these days... out of all of the things you listed, could you by chance list the things you would upgrade first? i understand, at this rate, essentially all my threads need to be replaced / upgraded... all of that seems good in text, but to start to see a difference, where would you start? the budget as far as i'm concerned is hard to come by, unless i buy gold, but i'd still prefer not to go that route... would you start to improve in the order you posted? could you also post up your barb so i can see what you're workin with? thank you again for all the info / assistance in regards to making my barb teh shite
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    my barbs in ww gear atm, farming keys in mp5... when i get home will toss on my wt gear for you, add me when i get on we can chat.

    as for my gear, its been long time farming and buying golds... my barb pretty expensive so far and still 90 k unbuffed soooo/shrugs. take what u will from it.

    first things to get would be the three hundreth spear, belt and ring/neck with -wep throw to -10 so its free, attackspeed+crit hat, ring with crit and max attack speed + str and average dmg if u can get one cheap.... get a mace / axe with life steal and socket as high dmg as u can for main hand and spear in offhand...

    thats where i'd start... in that order. you can get 30 million gold for about 10 bucks right now :) is cheap dont pussy out!
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    k so to be completely fair, i did an mp 5 keywarden run with my wt gear ... spent around 100 mill total or more to gear my barb over time.... 90k dmg+ and pretty much get face rolled by elites... mp2-3 is easier :)
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    @ashy_larry i do alk runs in 10 minutes or less how fast do you do them? if you do them faster just stick to what you are doing and farm you will eventually get a good drop

    my gems are out atm though need some gold


    IMO though WT is not enough AOE for me.... AOE dmg ups your dps dramatically...
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    It feels like I'm not doing enough damage... And i can't keep WotB up for very long... Plus i often find myself with no fury.. I never timed my runs so i got no idea
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    tbh if u stop to loot even just a bit theres no hope to keep wrath of the zerker up... i just use it as an elite smasher skill now, for frozen/jailer affixes lol

    tbh weapon throw isnt any better than ww spec...
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    yeah that's more or less all i can use WotB for as well... i need it for frozen/jailer... the reason i wanted to make a weapon throw barb is because with my WD i feel like i don't really do a whole lot when i run with my group to do ubers... i wanna be able to at least bash off on an uber while they tank the other one... siegebreaker is a bitch with my WD because i don't have a LS skorn to use..
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    dunno what to tell you other than to roll a wizard and spend 25+ million to make cmww spec work for u... lol

    wep throw barbs at the highest levels of gear do well.... its not for budget/lowcost levels unfortunately... hell even my 100 mill plus in gear cant handle mp5 as weapon throw.... /shrugs maybe i need more armor and resists to survive more.... weapon throw spec is just tooo stand and shoot then. die cuz u weren't moving like with ww... lol
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    tbh tho, as a wd your spec choices shine in group buffs much more than a simple axe chucker would... with slam dance an stuff plus spirit walk invuln... just pimp out your wd for ubers lol
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    ok... i mostly played my WD, and got him to the billion upgrade, or nothing, so i'm more or less at an impasse there... so i dove back into this WT idea, and i put some gold into my barb... granted, i didn't really drop gold on the rest of the gear, mostly just what i'd need for WT... i'm a bit lost on what my next move should be to handle MP6... i can do MP0-3 with ease... MP4 only certain elites can pose a threat, and MP5 i just don't do enough damage to really burn through elites, but i can survive.... any suggestions anyone??
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SirBoneselot-1182/hero/1672627
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