Got a little money, what to upgrade next ?

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    So I have been playing the AH a little bit lately and am now sitting on 10 millions. Which is around 10 times as much as I ever had.

    So, what should I buy next ?

    edit : with the gear I have atm, I sit at around 40k dps. I am not too used yet to playing whirlwind since I leveled him with a shield and revenge def spec. I die quite often and I have troubles keeping up Wrath, but I guess that will come with practice.
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    Might want to change the /de/ to /en/ in your link so it displays in English.

    I'd say upgrade your chest or gloves first, get some Crit hit damage on gloves and more strength and some strength on the chest. If you have the money I'd go for upgrading the gems next, and grabbing an Immortal King's belt (usually on US at least, they have higher all resists and lifesteal and are cheaper).
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