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    Good Morning all,

    I just wanted to run by you some insight from those who have come before me. I'll give you a general run down. My Barb was made so that I could help gear my other characters. Currently I know the basics of what is needed by looking at other barbs. It never hurts to get others opinions though. I only have about 5 million to deal with so I have a feeling that this is not going to be a quick process. Here are the things I know I need to get

    Hellfire ring (Str) and it's replacement
    My amulet could be better with Crit hit damage
    My shoulders could be better
    My Main and Offhand could be better but what to get confuses me


    thank you for the input
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    Hey just had a quick look at your gear firstly yes your weps
    Needs a change

    I would suggest you change main hand with one that has crit hit
    Dmg on aswell as soc I know your have a low budget but some bargains can be picked up right now on AH maybe get some life steel on them aswell as you will need that at around 65-70k dps ...your offhand could be faster attack speed dagger/sword or echoing fury

    Here is mine for a rough guide what stats to look out for on your items

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    Upgrade your gems too would be a good idea :)
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    Ok yeah I would love a EF I guess i need to look around more as I didn't see any good deals. On the gems Yes I just saw last night that the prices of the plans dropped drastically. I have close to 200 flawless squares so i'll be upgrading those

    I know some of my problem is just a time issue. I don't have alot of it and i need more to get to the higher levels.

    Also If anyone is looking for a Barb to do MP key runs I'm always up for it (US) as I currently run MP2 and I have trouble getting those lol

    Damn I wish I could browse the bloody AH from the net... Logmein and Diablo 3 do not play nice together
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    Just a few quick pointers:-
    Upgrade all gems.
    Replace gem in helm with ruby (you have masses of vit anyway)
    Pants, for low mp farming, you could maybe lose a tiny bit of resist and replace with 90 str + 130 vit + 2 sockets. Am guessing you are using these for the pickup radius though.

    You don't need all that + vit on weapons.
    For main hand, mace or axe with str + crit dmg + socket (and loh or ls if possible)
    For offhand, dagger with socket + loh/ls and then maybe str/crit dmg.
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    Thank you all for your information. I picked up a EF with 2.8 LS on it so I'm currently sitting at about 8.x LS and only 48K life. I'm only in Act III so I'm sticking with MP 2 until I finish Act III at least then I will look into higher mp.

    I changed out my gem in the helm and upgraded some of the gems that i could.. I ran out of money so i need to farm a bit to get more done
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    how are you finding the Fear Proc on Echoing Fury? Manageable or annoying?
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    Quote from Pixie888

    how are you finding the Fear Proc on Echoing Fury? Manageable or annoying?

    I'm using the Scoundrel with a Buriza which freezes most everything so it's rarely noticable.
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    Interesting - thanks. Have been doing some reading and experimenting over the last couple of days - just started a new topic on using cold damage offhand and SoJ to offset the fear proc. Hadn't heard of the scoundrel/Buriza trick, so will look into it.
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