Question about skill damage.

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    I actually have two questions and I'll start with the main one. I'm duel wielding and when I use skills like Rend and HotA or any of those skills that aren't specific about Main Hand/ Off Hand, where is the damage coming from? Is it from my main hand? If it is from my main hand, does the crit damage bonus from my offhand affect my main hands crits?

    My next question is the typical "What should I upgrade" I'm only looking at 20 mil right now although I'm going to wait for some tips before spending it so maybe I'll have some more cash by the end of tonight. Thanks all.
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    In fact, let me suggest my own upgrade with a question. I can afford an IK belt for the life steal and the 3 piece bonus but I'd be losing about 50 str and life. Would that little life steal bonus be worth the str/vit drop? Should I wait for a decent witching hour? Because of my lack of gold, I'm always worried about a worth while upgrade as I don't want to be throwing gold out the window. I mean mainly for ubers. I have no trouble farming with WW but my goal now is to gear up for Ubers so that I have 2 sets of armor for the different occasions. I do still need a HF Ring. If the belt isn't as important as something else you can see, please let me know. Thanks again.
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    Some abilities benefit from main hand weapon dmg only, such as tornados from RLtW, but i dont have a list of those abilities. My best guess would be that anything that mentions weapon dmg in the skill tooltip comes from mainhand only, but i need confirmation.
    All stats on offhand apply directly to your character (except ASI, %dmg, elemental/physical dmg - those are stats to boost the dps of weapons they are on only), so yes, crit dmg from OH applies to all attacks.

    My first concern about your gear would be the lack of movement speed.
    Aside from that, if you're looking for a dps upgrade, you might have a look at EF with a socket (or 100% chd), if you can save up for it.
    +49% CHD would add 10.9k dps right now.
    You could upgrade many different slots for cheaper ofc, but the weapon would last.

    Losing 50 str on belt would be -2.9k dps.
    You have to decide what do you need. More dps, more healing, more HP? The LS is great to have, especially for ubers, though you could just get it on your OH. Another benefit of having LS on gear is the option to use different passive for farm runs (like Boon).
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