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    Hey guys, can you help me with which weapon is better. My current WW bard setup is here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GruFF-2212/hero/142126

    I brought the off-hand axe yesterday as it had much higher str than the polearm i was using before, i also thought the 2.4% LS was more than the ~700 LoH I had on the polearm until I found out that LS is reduced by 80% inferno :(

    With the axe i get the following (unbuffed):
    308 str
    2.4% LS
    48.7k DPS
    213% CD (44% CC)
    35K HP
    70% CD (gem)

    With the polearm I get (unbuffed)
    239 str
    ~768 LoH
    46.5k DPS
    242% CD (44% CC)
    38.5K HP
    99% CD (affix)

    So which is better? should I just be looking at raw DPS or should I be looking at the higher CD and lower DPS on the polearm?

    Can you guys also recommend any tools for testing builds and different stats will affect my hero? also any tips on where I should make my next improvements (and reason why)

    Cheers! :D
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    at higher dps, life steal is better than loh, even after reduce by 80%, my barb with 150k dps, only has 2.8% life steal, no loh, can farm mp5 easily
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    When you pass the 70k damage mark, lifesteal becomes better than life on hit.
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