Gearcheck Barb 50M budget

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    Hey, I can't seem to find any decent upgrades, so I'm hoping you guys can help me choose what piece to upgrade next. I'm usually just farming mp1 act3 for items, or doing mp5-6 keyruns and ubers with friends, I think my survivability is alright, so I wanna start focusing on getting my dps up. My budget is around 50m.

    I can't seem to post URLs yet, so I guess you'll have to search for my battletag Maze#2895 on diabloprogress.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Yeah defenses are fine, so is strength. I'd personally go for more crit chance for starters. Keep making HFRings and hope for CHC, and just get more where ever you can. You got it hard now cause for 50m you wont get crit lacunis nor a good Ik helm (190str/60+AR/6CHC). U might look into getting an amulet with 9+CHC ...

    You need that CHC not just for dps, but also to make your build feel smoother and more effective.

    Maybe just save up a bit more and go for big items?
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    finally a very nice barb without a single IK piece!!
    yeah man just keep faming and get hundreds of million and buy those crit mempo, crazy ice climbers, crit str lacuni. 200str+200vit+ IK chest. but mp1 though? i think u can do act 2 or 3 as easy. time your runs on mp1 and higher mp. if its only 5-10 minutes different for 20% more mf bonus why not~
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    Alright thanks a lot for the answers guys, I'll think I'll follow your advice and try saving up for awhile and get those godly items :)

    Orangedrop, I do change the MP around abit, but i feel I'm getting the most items and xp at lower ones, but I'll take your advice and check how big the difference really is :)
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    Yep, diffenetly the highest xp/most drops from the MP you can 1 shot (WW through once, no returning) and that's gonna be quite low MP for now. Its just way more efficient there.
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