Barb Upgrade? HotA? WT?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm kind of running out of ideas for upgrades for my barb. I would like a crit mempos, but that's a bit out of my price range at the moment. An IK chest might be nice, but then where do i get my move speed?

    Also, I've seen quite a few builds with HotA and weapon throw. I tried them both and just couldn't really get them to work (I do have a 300 spear, but didnt have any gear with -fury cost for HotA). I saw a barb with a claimed 300k unbuffed dps running HotA that looked very impressive and like a lot of fun. How the hell would I get to 300k unbuffed dps? I'm at ~150k with battle rage.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    If you want Ik chest you still have 3 slots for MS to choose 2 of them : boots, Inna's Temprance with str (and vit) , Lacuni Prowlers.
    With WT build, you can use 300th spear and +1 MS item.

    You dont need 300k for HotA. Check my profile if u wish (our stats are actually quite similar), i run HotA DW build with great success with the gear i have. If im logged out as WW, its still the same gear.
    I'm just missing a bit of AS but it already is lot of fun and quite efficient on low MP might i add. Ofc WW beats it but if you like to pick up loot, the build is nice cause stuff dies next to you.
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    Yeah, the guy I saw with 300k DPS was owning MP5 - one shotting pretty much every white mob, and with marathon instead of run like the wind, i think it is actually faster than WW. His attack speed was ridiculously high too... not sure how it was so fast. The only places i'm missing attack speed are gloves and a ring (ignoring legendaries like innas and lacuni's). I feel like going for these gives up too many other stats for just the attack speed... suggestions? Of course some of my attack speed rolls could be higher.... just don't got the cash to upgrade them at the moment.
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    The guy you saw has insane gear and you can't really compare to that.
    The AS he has on mempo, lacunis, witching hour, both rings, amulet and gloves for a total of 61% ASI and hes also using EF with +0.22APS
    Im not sure if he was using his Inna's or Blackthornes in the vid.

    You should also notice that he had really low reisists.
    High defenses are not that needed for farm/speed runs, if you have enough dps, because with Thunderstrike rune on HotA most of the monsters will be stunned and not do much dmg to you.

    Personally im doing MP2 runs with my gear, able to keep up WotB and one shotting most mobs so yes its fast, but i've tested it, WW is still faster. I jsut wanted a change and this build is currently more fun for me. The build works on higher MPs as well though, no problem there.

    Currently i only have AS on 2 items + EF and its already sufficient to keep up WotB. I have higher crit chance than you and that's quite imprtant for this build, to be able to just hold down the HotA button and don't let go too often because of fury starvation.

    So my advise is buy a random ring with 6% CHC for 30k gold for testing purpose, and maybe take scoundrel, have killing spree rune and try the build out if you like it not not. If you will, start saving for real upgrades ;)
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    To explain a bit more, you basically want to achieve 100% crit chance on HoTA to keep you going.
    Having a 100 fury converts into 20% crit chance on HotA (1% per 5 fury), killing spree is 10%, WotB is 10% so if you have 60% with Brage/follower you have 100% on HotA.

    I think thuderstrike rune has 60 or 66% coefficient to proc Into the Fray so as long as you are attacking multiple targets, your fury shouldn't be decreasing, therefor you can just hold the HotA button and go. You even move with that button if you have no targets so its very convenient.
    Just try to attack 2+ targets and if theres just 1, bash from time to time to keep fury levels high.

    So now that you crit all the time, you just need to build enough crit dmg to 1 shot mobs on given MP and enough AS to keep WotB up (mot much needed) and you're golden. From your profile i can say you only need CHC for mp2 speed runs with very high WotB uptime (i mean mp2 for efficiency/xp/gear farm; normally you'd able to handle much higher MPs though)
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