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    I'm just throwing this out there to see what some of the better barbs have to say. I feel like I'm in decent shape currently but I'm wondering if there are any upgrades I should be looking for any time soon?

    I don't believe I can post url's yet so my character name is Charizard#1351.

    I recently bought the boots for ~3.5m and they were an upgrade. I found the belt which was a substantial dps upgrade but I lost about 70 AR and 2.5% LL (which I think I'm feeling when I fight now).

    I tried looking at different 1h oh ideas with LL but they're just so damn expensive.

    What do you guys think?
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    do u really have to ask this question every week?
    you already know what you need
    you can keep the witching hour for later or change your offhand
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    If you don't like it then don't read it...simple enough. Some gear has changed so I wanted to throw it out there again. I fail to see how this hurts your life in any way.
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    no need to be snide man
    this is part of upgrading, you need to be able to decide for yourself. you play the character, you have your own style so you know what you want out of your character. unless it is like for like upgrade with higher stat value, every upgrade you made/found will feel different

    for example ppl say u have to go dagger offhand, i tried many good offhand (I even have 20mil EF offhand) each has its own merits (I have great stat mighty sword, LS&LOH dagger w/ socket). but I decided ice sword feels the best for me (feels it has more range somehow and the slow is great, i tried daggers too, unless I can find great dagger I will stick with this), dont get me wrong, EF is a very interesting weapon, I have high 700dps LS and socket, the attack speed bonus is very very good but the lost of crit damage feels a bit too much for me so I choose a 500k sword over 20m EF. maybe in the end I will go for a cd socket EF when I have enough LS/LoH

    yes your went to change almost your entire gear but it is still the same theme, LACK of VIT, crit and crit damage. so really you probably did more of sidegrading than upgrading. your EHP has probably gone up a with more AR, but what did u lose in return? glove is mainly a dps slot, and 6.5% crit is nothing by glove standard, by going VIT and AR there is probably not a great choice when you can pick those up on your pants instead (pants can easily have 200+vit). i would still go for an IK chest, it is not giving you more vit (unless u pay big $$) but 2-3 piece with boots and belt is a very good all around option and you do have 2 of those pieces already, the melee reduction and AR bonus is good on those pieces. IK helm and glove doesn't ship with AR as for EHP goes, you have more option to play with, mempo compared to IK, trifecta instead of IK glove, decent IK glove are much more costly than helm too for your consideration, so if u want to get 3 set bonus its probably easier to go on helm than glove.

    now attack speed, you have a lot of them but at this stage crit and crit damage is better for you. the upgrade path is to go trifecta from there. thats why i feel IK helm is still a bit better for starter/mid range barb, unless you have 60% crit then you can start giving up some for IAS. really you want to aim at 50% crit. but only drop so if you have a reason for it, like to go past the 2.0 attack speed point. again you want to have at least 2 of the trifecta when possible, no point of dropping 6% crit ring for IAS 9%.... thats not how upgrade works

    items like inna's pants, lacuni, and witching hours are notoriously lack of core stat but they have that amazing stat that doesn't roll in those slot. you just need to have great gear before swapping for these otherwise it will hurt you more than benefit you. same like trifecta rings and amulet with no stats. I think there is another thread where this barb has 150k dps, amazing legendaries, trifecta rings n amulet but he has 21k HP and cant farm anything above mp1. he went all out STR, I think he has 2400str? almost vit no AR on his gear unless its an automatic roll and guess what it doesn't work

    Personally I would drop lacuni and ice climbers (to go 3pc IK), go back to use your old IK boots and a new bracer, yes u will lose str but you gain crit, AR and 50 vit but u can then just play around with your gems if u dont want to lose str. yes ice climbers is a big str upgrade, but it does take away a lot from you, movespeed and vit from your old IK boots (and the set bonuses), so is it really an upgrade? a very slight one i must say. so here is the thing, if u drop just one of them then it is a downgrade for you, but if you choose to go for 3pc IK then it is probably a better all around choice (boots and belt u already have, instead of 3m to ice climbers you could go for 3m 190str IK helm), you have less str but u have better gain in EHP from AR melee reduction and VIT. now u still have 24% movespeed and your lacuni is rather bad then you can drop this for just a rare 130str 50vit crit AR bracer which gives u more core stat to add from dropping your ice climbers. this is the hard part about upgrading, to find that balance and a lot of people do not know the thought process of upgrading. its not just going to AH and just buy legendaries + big $$ rares.
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    Quote from orangedrop

    do u really have to ask this question every week?
    you already know what you need
    you can keep the witching hour for later or change your offhand

    Quote from orangedrop

    no need to be snide man

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    Gloves would be the first place I look to upgrade, followed by acquiring 2pc IK. If you can survive well enough using the witching hour then stay with it, I personally find that LS is an essential stat to have on your belt. Survival>Damage is the way I prioritize gearing, if you have enough survival, just load up on damdam.
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    he has IK glove already man.
    he had 4 pc IK. he was missing the chest. but his glove and helm were bad. then he went to change most of the items with little overall upgrade
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