Have 8mil, what to upgrade next?

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    I have 8mil gold to spend and am not sure what to upgrade next. Please dont say gems, I am working on those already. Just not sure where to go from here.

    http:// us.battle. net/d3/en/profile/Patcarnig-1305/hero/10414423

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    You have hardly any crit chance (only 4% from bracers), so the crit damage on your amulet is mostly worthless. Your shoulders, bracer and maybe pants are your best items, although the pants don't have any resist. Everything else should be a pretty cheap upgrade. If you can get an amulet or a ring with more life on hit, that would help a lot too.
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    You might find a good deal on an IK helm, and then you can get better rare gloves for cheaper, and still maintain the 2 piece IK bonus.
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    You NEED crit chance. Your build doesn't even work atm without it (and atleast replace your WW rune to hurricane, wotb as well if u wanna play WW properly)

    For 8mil you can replace 90% of your items and do exponentially better. Get 8.5+ crit chance on amulet, 4+ on rings and helm. life% and vit where you can afford.
    The one budget item i would advise you to buy that would make your build work a lot better is amulet with high crit chance and high LoH (700+), maybe some avg dmg and vit. It's super cheap and works wonders for you. Once you fixed the rest of your gear you can replace it for something more regular.
    Also, try to get a ring with crit chance, AS and few more usefull stats.
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    amulet rings chest pants helm weapons all garbage
    all armor pieces mentioned missing AR
    jewelry where the best offensive stat you can get and u have little of it. no average damage on rings, very little of it on neck.
    Yes crit damage sucks when you have no crit. At the moment only have 17.5% from armor and passive. plus another 3% if u use scroundel, you want at nearing 50% or over it. dont worry its easy to achieve. u change your main hand to axe or mace instant 10% from passive. another 2 rings and helm bring you another 12%. plus 8% from amulet. 17.5 + 10 + 12 + 8 = 47.5%! perfect! no need for scroundel, I like to run with templar its more efficient with the fury gain buff.

    you have little life on hit.. 300 is not enough, lifesteal is worthless for you now (belt and offhand is rather useless now but we can keep them for later, belt is fine to use now). life on hit is best to get of weapon as it is cheap on off hand weapon, you can easily get 900 life on hit on weapon, you want 1400 really, i follow this guide and have 1000 LoH and they are barely enough, when I found my main hand weapon upgrade by chance it has LS there so it started feel better for me.
    you can try get the rest on main hand although this will usually reduce your option and you end up losing dps, amulet is another place for LoH but again it will reduce your option. keep your offhand for later when you have 80-90k dps.


    watch on how to purchase your pieces. not each item but on his decission making to leave out certain stat on certain armor he is purchasing. the other point I want to say is since you have a bigger budget you can jump to 190str IK helm they are not that expensive. I picked up a very decent one for 3.5m 3 days ago, you probably can get it cheaper if you are not too picky like me. I went for crowd control reduction. or go for andariel visage, this helm is as low as 50k gold, pure dps boost for a measly 50000 gold. just look the one with low extra fire damage taken 7-9% or less. higher proc on the nova is nice too but really for 50k u cant be too picky. I got mine with gold find and I used it for a long time.

    Please gear mercs up to. if you like mf, grand vizier for enchantress (pick with high intel and little of everything else vit str/dex). Sunkeeper for templar with mixed stat. reason for mix stat for them is because of better EHP rather than just stacking vit. every stat point you have on merc is times 2.5. dex give dodge, str gives armor, intel gives resistance (and damage for enchantress, you really want high int for her). your other 2 merc has useless damage so dont bother with str or dex for templar and scroundel. people like to get windforce but its not for melee hero (except maybe for ranged barb). just get an ice bow with mixed stat and 11% attack speed cheap ice bow
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    Thanks for all the input. I haven't even looked at my skills lately, lol. I had some changed a bit to add some survivability when I was first starting WW. I really want an axe or mace MH for the 10% crit bonus bun anything comparable to my current wep is like 100mil plus. I will definitely look for some crit/loh/vit/as rings and ammy. Anything else you guys see wrong that maybe isn't as pressing for future upgrades?
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    So I did some upgrading tonight. Hopefully I did it right. Does it look any better? My LoH is still low but the lifesteal seems to make up for it pretty well.
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    your main hand is very bad
    it doesnt matter what the big number dps said
    ww barb hit really fast and with high crit and crit damage thats where your damage is from. and with 50% crit and 250-300% crit damage thats where ww barb shines.
    a 850 dps axe or mace with good str socket and crit damage will beat your current weapon, just dont look at oh i have 1200dps weapon why do i have to go down
    if you follow that guide closely you can get 50k dps at least thats a lot more just by gearing properly as a whiole. i made similar set with 2m investment with a few pieces and star gems i found myself, mp2 is quick job, i can do mp3 with a little care.
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    Yeah, i will work on that tomorrow. I wasnt quite finding what I wanted with the gold i had left. Thanks for all your help.
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