I hate to do this...but..Gear Check?

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    My gear is not bad, but not great.
    Wondering if I should upgrade my IK set, as all the peices are pretty low, or if I should drop the set bonus in favor of larger dps numbers (trifecta gloves, ice climbers, mempho)


    Theres my profile if you care to take a look.

    Sitting around 50mil right now.
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    the set bonus isn't amazing, almost everyone rocks 2p and that's it. chest/belt.
    you DEFINITELY should get trifecta gloves.
    idk what MP you're farming but you might think about getting your hp to 35000ish
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    wat the guy above said.

    35k hp
    trifecta gloves are always nice
    viles with more str and maybe also some vit/life%
    strong offhand. Shoot for a dagger/sword. offhand attackspeed should be faster, not slower than ur mainhand

    everything is fine but not great. id say you have 2 options at this point. Go for BiS gear or damn near close to it on every piece and save up gold until u can get them OR keep cashing out for smaller upgrades.

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Agadabagada-1814/hero/6471308 my barb setup. Im looking for big upgrades at this point, not shelling out gold for smaller upgrades. My next upgrade is something that i wont have to touch ever/until expansion maybe
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    Drop down to 2 IK parts and get ice climbers with high str. I went for the most str I could get without losing too much crit dmg I was at 630% crit dmg but decided to get 3k str (if I swap out bracers and witching just use them for dps) and str is the way forward. Check out my barb fr ideas he can farm mp10 if he wants but i stick to mp3 for speed. Just waiting on Mempo with crit to come along for my next upgrade. Currently at 302k buffed dps and mobs are a breeze :)

    Check him out here for ideas

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    P.s get innas pants with str :) best upgrade I got
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    Are you able to farm MP for P.Lvls? Do you care about getting numerous Hellfire rings? I play D3...sometimes. But with no PvP and End game booses so easy people are doing them at MP10 Nakked. I have yet to see the point of getting the best of the best gear. Sure you look cool and you kill everything quick, but wheres the fun? D3 would have been fun 10 years ago, but in this day and age its just to short and to easy.
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    individually your gear is not bad
    as a set its horrible
    500 vit 22k health??? 21k EHP?
    I bet you just farm mp 0 or 1 all the way to paragon level 40s
    what is your aim? if you just want to farm mp0 dont change anything
    if u wanna go farm mp7 keys and uber u need to change a whole lot

    i have doubt with trifecta glove
    he has trifecta amulet and a ring already. going for high stat trifecta glove is okay but most likely it will be like his ring and amulet won't it? I rather get more stat.

    offhand could be better as it has no stat
    upgrading your IK helm is probably cheaper than upgrading your vile ward. his vile ward is with pick up radius those cost arms and legs.... maybe go for rare shoulder, 220+str 100+vit AR life%

    the non trifecta ring could be better as well.
    keep your amulet for later, you can use one with lots of str and vit maybe for now with AR life etc etc your life regen is good enough but can u avoid with being one shotted on higher mp for organ or key runs? reflect damage?

    having legendaries is not equal my gear isnt bad....
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    Thanks for all the replies everyone.
    I've changed out some pieces, although probably should have waited out for some more quality than what I did,
    Got my hp over 40k and was doing mp6 keys runs solo last night.
    Kept all my old stuff in case I ever want to try going back for low mp farming.
    Thanks again.
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