Gear Help! A bit lost on what to upgrade next

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    Hello Diablo Fans. First time poster, long time reader here. The Title says it all. I want to look into the next upgrade for my barb but I'm not quite sure what to replace first. Here is my armory link. I'm looking at maybe replacing my ring and/or my amulet next. Please give me your inputs. Thank you for your time.

    http:// us. battle. net/d3/en/profile/Kam-1726/
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    Bracers and helm are both missing crit which would up your dps nicely (you "can" replace that mempo with an andarials with crit because mempos with crit are ridiculously expensive). Those Lacuni bracers could also be either replaced with ones with crit (you can drop the str on them for crit), or a really well rolled set of bracers.

    I would probably replace the hellfire first honestly. Depending on your bankroll, you would want either a trifecta ring or a str, crit, crit damage and + damage roll. You could also consider grabbing a well rolled Unity ring as they have most of the desirable stats. The next would be the ammy like you said. You can afford to lose a bunch of the strength on the neck for more crit or crit damage, along with more vit instead of the life %. That 11% life is equivalent to around 3k health which is equal to around 85 vit.

    In terms of raw dps numbers, your legs provide the least amount of dps for you, but the most EHP, so upgrading them is going to be tough right now. You also have a TON of life %, which would be great if you had a lot more vit. You should probably look into getting a vile ward that has some vit on it. Since you have so much life %, right now vit is the single best EHP stat that you can get.
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    Thank you so much Fallactic. I will take note and see what I can do. Very limited budget atm, but I'm sure I can upgrade something.
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    If you let me know the budget, I can see if i can find some insane deals. In my case, I didnt spend over 15 million gold on any one piece of gear until recently when i found the chest that I am currently wearing.The pieces that I ended up paying a lot of gold for were my ammy (15 mil over a month ago... worth 50 now lol), and one of my rings (12 mil a month ago). My boots were 510k, gloves were 6 mil, bracers were 11 mil. For under 50 mil, you can build a barb that would have cost around 220 mil a while ago.

    Except for weapons, those are still ludicrous.
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