Looking to upgrade my WW build, have 100m to spend.

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    As you can see, my gear isn't really that good.

    Just wondering what items I should prioritize upgrading, and what items I should look for. Thanks.
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    First the weapon gems secondly get a belt with lifesteal (I suggest ik so you can get the 2set without saccing much)
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    your gears are not bad, no legendaries or set doesn't mean better. I have seen many barb on this forum asking for advice with 3-4 piece legendaries but their gear is worst compared to what you have now
    better gems for sure, for weapon especially. your main weapon will still go for a long way. flawless star at leasts. for armor you can go for radiant square

    now I think your all resist is too low. if you thinking about getting set items then IK belt and boots would give you the best increase. you can get high str IK belts for less than 500k buyout, i just got one with physical resist for 98k when I am checking AH for you. one with armor and vit will be more expensive. just choose one with the better stat (180+str 3% lifesteal and bash bonus) random roll high fire/physical resist. I would even pick up a more health from globe bonus (8k+ bonus), this bonus is so undervalued. I have 70k tanky monk to leech mp8 ubers organ run, you have no idea how low globes and potions heals me but with this bonus its sooooo good (i have over 20k now!!!). Yes I can't dps for shit but I provide so much more for my 2 provider than someone who just die in the corner. I can chain my cc with theirs and provide them with aura. boots cheapest buyout unfortunately is about 3m minimum, so just bid anything for 2m really. if you go for elemental resist just make sure it stack with the belt if u can physical/fire will be the best.

    i would not use andariel for higher mp. somehow it hurts on higher mp, not sure because of the extra fire damage or andy is just lack of defensive stat. if you compare mempo and IK helm they are really similar, cheapest around 4m buyout, mempo with IAS IK with crit. I feel IK is more defensive with the damage reduction and of course with the set bonus. I chose 193str 5.5%crit 6% reduction with crowd control reduction for my random roll for 3.5m yesterday (since I am not going for IK boots I think this is nice and mempo with cc reduction are expensive for some reason. I cant even win a bid with 5m.....). same with boots just bid 2-3m for the one with nicer stat and bonus (u wont get vit, armor, pick up radius for a cheap price unless someone didnt know and underprice their listing, so check from time to time u never know). i been trying to bid a IK belt with pick up radius for a week now, none under 3m bid.... same with mempo and IK helm, I even go 7m+....
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    What is up with your gems man? Not a single one of them is higher than what drops. :) Get those upgraded ASAP. You're looking at quite an upgrade to your damage for little gold.
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