ww barb item help 200mil budget !

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    Hello so my barbarian is lvl 55 atm but im probably hitting 60 today.. Anyway i am going ww barb and i have a 200mil give or take budget to gear it up with..

    I have no clue what items to get and how much of each stat to aim for so im asking for your help here!

    What is the best way to gear my barb for 200 mil and what items etc should i get ?

    Oh also i dont feel like there is a need to link my barb since its not dinged yet anyway and has literally nothing but leveling gear!

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Oh i had a lamentation with 190+ str 70+ ar 3% lifesteal 1% crit and 10% bash damage that a friend gave me so i guess belt isnt main priority atleast!
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    Talk to this guy: http://www.twitch.tv/nisseonbeer

    He has helped alot of people build quite good gear sets for lower budgets than 200m.
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    go watch nmitty video mate he just posted a thread for every class for budget mp0-2 farming. far too long to explain one by one
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    Its very hard for me to guess a full gear setup for 200mil, plus you didn't mention your region and prices vary a lot.
    I'll at least try to help you out with what to aim for and provide choices, instead of just giving exact numbers.

    First of all, to make a WW barb work you need a decent amount of crit chance(CHC) for fury generation (see battle rage - into the fray).
    Better fury generation however, can be achieved by other means as well, such as Animosity passive, a mighty weapon with Weapon Master passive, IK 5set bonus, and Unforgiving passive.

    You should comfortably get to 50% CHC with your amount of gold, i think that's about where you want to be (the more the better ofc, but other stats are important as well)

    Once that is sorted, next thing to look at is survivability. Simply stack all defensive stats. Personally i am comfortable at about 600 all resist at any MP, but much lower works very well. Keep in mind that physical+fire resists are the 2 most important so you could save some gold by getting those on a few pieces (either alone or in combination with all res) and not needing to boost the remaining resists that high.
    HP is nice to have about 38-40k. Again, much lower works.
    Armor is ok to get from gear if it happens to be there, but the majority of it will come from STR anyway. Try to buy high ilvl gear for high base armor if possible.

    As for healing, you require some LoH and/or LS. As the dps rises. you move from LoH to LoH/LS combo to pure LS if u want. From personal experience - i dropped all my LoH at about 70k+ char sheet dps (which is extremely unprecise for WW build) and could stay alive with 8% LS. With lower dps you should get 1k+LoH i'd say. Definetly use a mighty belt with LS on it (you already have 1) and try to get more on OH. There's also a possibility to use Bloodthirst passive.
    Life regen is fine but not something to aim for. LaK can be helpful, don't avoid it, but don't search for it either. Health globe bonus helps if u can get 8k+ on a single item and do get 1 item with pickup radius too. Great slots for pickup/globes are shoulder, pants, bracer.

    Now your favorite - DPS
    Try to aim at 2k++ STR (i have seriously no clue what will u get for 200m).
    50%+ CHC
    AS lets the tornados tick more often and generate fury faster too so get some of it where you can.
    CHD should come maily from weapons, but also amulet.
    avg dmg is also a good stat - tornado dmg comes from weapon dmg and im pretty sure avg dmg is boosting that.

    Weapons (MH can be axe/mace for 10% crit or Mighty for fury from Weapon master, OH is prefered fast like a sword or dagger, but axe/mighty is fine also)

    - Main hand should have high dps, STR and atleast a socket or 90+chd. Preferably both but yeah.. budget. All other stats are jsut icing.
    -Offhand does not need high dps, since its only used for every other bash and WW tick +the budget. This will allow you to put more stats on it (5 affixes left) socket+CHD is a must here, as well as a healing stat (LS/LoH) or even both. STR ofc.
    Makes sure it does have SOME dps though.800 is cool.

    ill try to make a fast list of items and good stats for the slot, other great stats in [ ] and in () legendaries that fit and are not over your budget. Don't stick to it precisely pls.

    helm - str/vit/AR/chc4+/socket (IK helm)
    shoulder - high str/vit/AR, [life%,pickup, phys/fire/armor]
    gloves - chc8+/as/ar [str,vit,chd] (good IK gloves)
    chest - str/vit/ar/3xsocket [life%]
    pants - str/vit/ar/2xsocket [pickup/globes]
    belt - high str/vit/ar/LS (IK belt/lamentation)
    boots - str/vit/ar/MS (IK boots, Fire Walkers)

    bracer - str/vit/chc4.5+/1res OR Lacunis. Actually prefered, since u wont have gold left for proper Inna's pants, so Lacunis are probably your only good option for 24% MS

    jewelry is complex and depends or rest of your setup a bit. You can get very high LoH on amulet if you need it, as well as vit+life% if thats whats missing, but you can also jsut go glass cannon stats on them.
    1 thing i wanna point out about chc/chd/as on jewerly is that best option (as in combination of 2, not all 3) is to go chc+chd on amulet and chc+as on rings.

    amulet - chc8+/chd/str [LoH!/vit/life+/AR/avg dmg]
    rings - chc4.5+ [AS/str/avg dmg/chd/AR...] (Unity, Litany/WH,SoJ 27+)

    Btw its very good to have IK 2set for the extra resists, highly recomending it.
    Also, whenever u feel like you have enough resists/HP you can start leaving those stats out on next item to save gold or leave room for other stats.

    As you can see it can be long and a bit complex to explain gearing from scratch + on a budget but yeah, hope it helps. I actually left out many details to make it 'short' but you'll figure things out playing your char.
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    Great post Turtel, should be turned into a sticky in my opinion.
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