New WW Barb Looking for Gear Advice

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    Like the title states I'm a new ww barb looking for a little gear advice. I'm currently doing mp4-5 but I feel like I could be getting more out of this and I'm pretty sure it's my gear.

    Apparently I can't post url's since I don't have 10 posts yet so my name is Charizard#1351.

    Any upgrade suggestions are welcome. Also, I'm not entirely sure it updated to my current gear set as I recently purchased the IK helm as well as having an amulet with crit chance / crit damage and the barbarian dual wield weapon set (the ones that whirlwind randomly).

    Thanks guys!
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    Point for point, vit is worth more than % life to you right now.1% life is roughly 400 HP to you right now. 12 vit = that 400 HP. In the short run, the % life is fine, but as you start gearing more towards dps, you will drop the % life in favor of higher str/crit etc. Unless the IK helm you purchased had crit chance and a ton of str on it, it will be a downgrade as of right now. Your BK ring is also holding you back as your crit is really low (10% less than current due to the change to mighty weapons).

    Right now your two biggest worries are crit chance and EHP. Though you have an okay amount of health, your AR being low is hurting you pretty bad. Right now (with the old gear), your AR is only 321. An IK helm that has high str and crit chance will run you a pretty penny, so chances are you didnt get one, which hinders you further. You want crit chance on both your rings, you can lower or even drop vit on them as rings are better used to purely increase DPS. Since you got the IK helm, I would either drop the boots for Firewalkers with high str and vit, or if the IK helm doesnt have crit chance, replace the gloves with ones that have AR. Strongarm bracers are nice, but you can get ones with similar stats, AR, and no life % for pretty cheap these days. For the neck replacement, remember that if it has no vit, you will lose roughly 5.6k HP from the life % loss. For the legs, since you broke the blackthornes set bonus, try to find a decent pair that has high str/vit with AR... doesnt necessarily have to have 2 sockets if you are on a budget. As far as the weapons go, try them out, and if they work for you for rage generation, then awesome. Bear in mind that you will lose a TON of crit damage swapping to those weapons as well as the 10% crit from weapons master.

    As much as I feel bad for saying this, you should probably try to sell those weapons so you can get a 900+ dps mace/axe with crit damage (doesnt have to be > 70%), attack speed/str and a socket along with a dagger offhand (dps doesnt matter) with crit damage, lifesteal, attack speed/strength, and a socket. You can actually stick with your old axe in the mainhand, and try to find a good offhand dagger (for the 1.5 attack speed that sprint tornadoes benefit from) with the stats I mentioned above if you want to save gold.

    Like I said, your main focuses should be swapping vit for life %, and getting your crit chance up, and getting your AR up. Replacing both rings with crit chance rings will give you between 6 and 12% more crit alone. I would heavily advise changing out OP-CA for impunity right now if you want to continue farming mp5 as you will see much more survivability from the ~70AR/armor you gain than the crushing advance buff. Until you can keep that buff up basically 100% of the time, impunity is better.

    At your gear level, it would be much faster for you to farm mp2-3 than farming 5. You could probably do 2 mp3 runs in the same time you do a 5 run currently. Unfortunately the name of the game now is efficiency, and there is basically no reason to run MP levels that you cant do an alkizer run in less than 20 minutes at. Even though there is a 50% higher chance for rare items to drop (it doesnt quite work out linearly... its more like a 3% chance), the time clearing almost completely negates it.
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    Thanks Fallactic! I knew I had a lot of catching up to do in terms of gear. It really sucks that my armory hasn't updated to what I logged out in last night as I'm pretty sure I had rougnly 40% crit with some of the items I swapped out (with the stuff I found while farming).

    I do have a dagger I bought about a week ago that has like 250dps but it also has str, crit damage, life leach, and a socket. I just switched it out because I see a lot of other barbs using higher dps off hands so I thought I was gimping myself there.

    I believe the IK helm I bought had crit chance as I was weary of replacing andariel's with one without crit chance.

    I don't believe I'm using the BK ring currently either anymore. Hopefully it will update to my current gear soon and that will give a better idea of what I'm using.

    Either way, thank you for the reply
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    Sorry for the double post but it looks like the armory has updated to my current gear. Any recommendations regarding my current set up are appreciated!
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    The reason why higher end barbs use a higher dps offhand is more of a luxury. It increases the damage of whirlwind and has no effect on the damage of the sprint tornadoes. You really wont see much of a benefit from a high dps offhand until your dps reaches the 80kish mark (thats when i noticed a definite difference). The only effect that the lower damage on the offhand (besides the whrilwind damage) is that your character sheet dps will show as lower, but the character sheet dps doesn't reflect the true dps that you output. Ideally you would have a higher dps offhand, but if it has great stats, then its not really a big deal.

    Your character sheet did update recently, so after looking at it, you probably should consider trying to resell the weapons. Now that I look at it, replacing the gloves with a set that have similar stats with the added bonus of crit damage or attack speed... possibly AR if possible. After the gloves, you should consider either the chest or legs, likely the legs as you can get over 120 strength at the cost of a little vit, for the chest, you may end up losing a slight bit of strength, but gain vit.
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    Cool, good deal. I'll check that out when I get home tonight.
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    how long did u take to do mp4 act 3 with that gear? if it takes 90-120 minutes or more for full clear run lower mp man u get more items and level up faster. i ran mp1 on 70k unbuffed dps and there is no shame in that.

    your rings could be much better, look for average damage it boost your dps by quite a lot i bought a few rings today all for less than 200k buyout and all of those rings are better than your. i had a ring with 40 avg dmg +crit no stat and another with 170 str with the same amount of crit. the stat less ring gave me 3k more dps its crazy.

    start planning to replace your chest, cindercoat is lvl 59 item and had low armor base, i am assuming you going for an IK chest since u have 4 piece already, its a shame all you bought are all low str rolls (except for the boots its pretty standard), you will need to upgrade the helm glove and belt again later.

    i agree with fallactic to drop one of your IK set but i am looking at the belt. reason being is firewalkers dont come with default AR, one with AR roll would be expensive, buying one without the AR is just going to hurt u even more now. if u go search for yellow belt or mighty belt, u can get 200+str 100+vit 60+AR for less than 200k, i picked up one for 35k even a few days ago and there are a lot between 100-150k range with similar stats. that will be the most cost effective upgrade, look for one with armor/fire resist/physical resist on top of that 3 core stat, it helps with u have 2-3 gear that stack the secondary resist. molten hurts right? even for me with 600AR (800 with shouts) it still hurts on mp3. don't worry about lifesteal yet, i had 70k dps before it doesnt do a thing, i have lamentation and a main hand with lifesteal. now my dps goes to 90k i bought a cheap offhand to try it out and it started to work a little bit better with 3 LS gear. so i guess that would be when u wanna start to go back to lifesteal belt, but definitely an IK with 170+str not the 90str variant.

    your shoulder will need to be change sooner or later. you can sell that vileward for a few millions, 180+str 90vit 70AR shoulder for 200-300k, 1-2mil would get you a very decent one with 230+str 120+vit AR +extras, basically u get around 100vit by going to rare item. you probably will lose the life% and armor though (life per sec no one really cares)

    i agree with fallactic again regarding your weapons, whats with ppl affection with orange and green items? going for mace and axe gives u 10% crit and that is an instant win. go for 400-600k offhand blade or dagger with 150+str crit damage (higher would be nice but find one with good str too) 600+ life on hit and an open socket, the gem though would be pricy, go for the highest emerald u can make or afford and it worth your every penny, but looking at your current gems i guess gold is an issue. one thing you notice if you go for axe or mace is you will be fury starved because u dont get the extra fury anymore from the mighty weapon bonus of the passive, and frenzy is horrible to generate fury, you need to hit 5-7 times to get full bar.

    i tried frenzy with maniac before thinking its great to have 20% damage buff, but its silly u have to hit a few times then ww to get the extra damage then stop after a few second and to it again, to be honest i kill faster with bashing once or twice then ww away rather than having to stop every 10 seconds. tried others primary attack and rune combination too to see if i can kill goblin faster as it is harder to kill on higher mp but none with much success bash with instigation works the best for me.

    same bracer stat with AR would be actually quite expensive 500k-1m at least because of the high str. if 90str/90vit would be 200-400k range but if u do so it is actually a downgrade. i would usually recommend picking missing stats somewhere else but when ppl already went for set and legendaries such as IK set there is nothing much can be done. IK helm and glove has no default AR, one with AR is overpriced anyway, by going IK actually u become less flexible with your gearing. IK set has low VIT as well on top of that though you get a lot of damage reduction and high armor
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