Help with wepon upgrades pls! :)

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    Ok guys i need your help and advice on what to buy on AH. Right now i have about 290m saved up.

    I have right now a 2h skorn and i want to use my 290m to buy x2 1h wepons
    1 of them must have critdmg/loh/soc
    2nd one i would like for it to have critdmg/str/soc

    What do you guys think? can you help me choose one mabe?

    MightyMior#1343 battle tag on EU

    And also lets say there is a sword on ah with 1200 dps critdmg/str
    is that better then a 900 dps with soc/critdmg/str? if the str & crit was the same

    got alot of questions so please respond.

    Best regards // mighty
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    Main hand dps needs to be as high as possible. If you can get an open socket thats fine ... If not the weapon def needs CritDmg already on it. Try for a E-Fury 1200+ one hander..... Off hand def has to have open socket and high crit on it.. weapon dps not so much as important as main hand but shoot for 780 to 1200 dps. LoH sucks now... If your over 100k DPS have a mighty belt with 3% LS on it and also have the passive as well. I am able to farm Ubers MP7 and have few deaths if any. I also can speed clear MP0-1 with zero deaths and fast times.

    battle id is bigfoonk#1142
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    If you're going to get an echoing fury, get it for your offhand and get it with an open socket and lifesteal. An 800 dps EF with .25 aps, lifesteal and a socket will only run you about 30-50 million depending.

    Mainhand get the best OS/Str/CD mace that you can afford. With this setup you should only need about 15% attack speed to get to the 2.0 aps breakpoint on your rltw tornado ticks.

    You'll notice that there is a point where weapons aren't worth the return until you get to a ridiculous amount of gold (about 50m to about 300m). If that is the case you might consider saving for a mempo, a really nice IK belt or Ice Climbers with movement speed... all of which are end game pieces for your barb.
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