So my Barb sucks, help plox

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    Well, i was looking for a half decent build, have a low budget and i was wondering are there any fun builds i could try?

    I played barb alot when d3 came out but i was kinda bad at it ended up rerolling monk, and i never been able to figure out how to play tornado barb properly so i dont like it very much

    Any tips on builds i should use? Items or stuff like that
    Looking for something viable and an alternative to Tornado barb possibly.
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    search for nmitty diablo
    look for budget barb guide
    works quite well if you follow it closely, not piece by piece item but the overall final stats
    i spent 2m and cruising mp2 with 50-60k dps (with self supplied gems)
    now i just do mp1 for speed on glass canon 88k dps now (found a few decent upgrades)
    hard to beat ww tornado with that budget because of the high mobility and survivability
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