What to upgrade?

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    Hey guys! I'd like to know what do you think I should change in my barb. My budget is 60 mln.

    Here's link to my profile:

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    just my 2 cents
    u have so many +life items
    and little VIT
    not much point in doing so
    if you have 300-500 more vit
    those +%life bonus would kick in into gear i would probably replace some if it for something else. belt and shoulder is obvious place to upgrade. you can get better yellow rare shoulder 250str 100vit high resist with armor/second resist/etc

    not much u can do with 60m budget as your gear is already good enough. i would just keep going on farming and make money to buy 100m+ a piece items. i start planning to replace amulet, main weapon, shoulder, belt and helm (weapon would be the most costly i would guess)

    better blackthorn coat with higher vit roll if you really want to use that set which i am guessing you do with your very small vit
    better main hand (1200 dps crit damage and socket)
    better IK belt and helm random roll (armor/str/vit)
    amulet, easy to find with higher str vit and average damage
    similar iceclimber with ms and vit
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    Hey. Thanks for advise. I bought some new shoulder with high vit which boosted my EHP by 70k so I could get rid of vit gem in my boots. I'm now waiting for my old Vile Ward to sell for couple of mln so I could buy some new trifactor gloves or better amu.
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    Nice items
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    Thanks! :)
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