What game to play next?

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    What other game are you guys playing? I really like RPGs, although I can take or leave the MMO part --- I'm WOW'ed-out from years of 4-hour guild runs (it took less time to become bored with RIFT). I'll probably continue to run ACT3 daily, and maybe my enthusiasm for the game will return but right now it's become a bit ho-hum.
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    You're in the same position as me, Diablo is getting a little boring for me and I think I'm going to do "daily Act 3 runs". I'd like to see PvP, for real Blizzard! I also played WoW, but after MoP i gave up hopes for this game... Maybe Blizzard will make something more exciting for this game(I'm talking about Diablo 3), like PvP...
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    Try Simcity, shit's hugely addictive and the plus side it's a pretty nice game overall!

    EDIT: Check out steam, they're having some really awesome sales on at the moment too.
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    The new Hitman game is sick and fun, but maybe short. Also Planetside 2 came out if you like FP shotters on a massive world.If you want more of a RPG/MMO game then try DRagonnest, its a action based MMO. There are many games out to try. Kinda hard to suggest games on what little info you gave us.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I like the dungeon-and-dragon format of games like WOW and RIFT and even, SKYRIM --- some of the lesser ones like NeverWinterNights and Oblivion are OK, but I didn't like the mechanics. I tried Mass Effect as a new genre but never warmed to it. I don't think anything can match WOW for the open environment and shear breadth of the world, and I'd be playing it today if it didn't have the MMO requirement of 4-6 hour commitments of guild runs to feel you were achieving anything more than the mediocre gear you could get going strictly solo. D3 really fixed that part about gear, but I was really stunned when I finished the initial normal four acts and realized that was the extent of the content. The lure of gear is great, but the perversity of the legendary and set drops is sick. I completely agree with the concept that legendary drops should be a very rare occasion of extremely low frequency, but when they do drop, they should be somewhat valuable. The AH is filled with legendaries and set pieces that are priced just barely above their salvage costs --- something is wrong with that. I myself, since I turned level 60, have never worn anything that's dropped.
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    Yeah I struggle with D3 when its comes to farming either for gear,xp or gold. Its just boring to run the same route over and over. As far as games to try..maybe Avion...( I may have spelled it wrong but its like WoW and free to play.) As far as any other MMOS they are all the same in my book...at least the WoW like ones are. You could try more of a action MMO like Terra or RaiderZ.
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    If u ever tried it, try Star wars knignts of the old republic, Mmo online, it's f2p till the part u wont raid. story till level 50 is really awesome (as every game from Bioware) :D
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    Im also at the same point now. Have been farming act3 sooo many hours and im feeling so bored. This game should have something else to do. Pvp would be great every now and then but there is no pvp. Sooo.. i really dont know what to play so i just need to farm some more act3.. lol. Wow would be one game but i played it for almost 3 years and i dont think i could enjoy it anymore. My friend is playing Guild Wars 2 and has been trying to get me into it.. but i really dont see it interesting. I like the fast phased action in D3 and dont know if i can consentrate on this slow combat and open world traveling... umm.. Is there any other fast boom boom game like D3?? Anyone how any game in mind?
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    Torchlight is a diablo clone. But compared to D3 it sucks imo ^^
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    try clash of clans or hay day on ios.... more addictive than diablo.
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    You should do what more and more people been doing: retro gaming.

    I visited games like Neverwinter Nights, sonic, pokemon, mortal kombat (on the saturn), half life 2, painkiller, and it's loads of fun. Because let's face it, it's amazing to play the grandfathers of the top games of each genre.
    Most successful example of this is starcraft. The game lasted for so many years, only replaced by SC2. The game is literally a example of how quality in a game can keep it going for a very long time.

    Oh, and try using twitch, you can find loads of games there, and sometimes when I'm bored I go there and end up watching a stream of a cool game I haven't played in a while/never, so I end up giving it a shot.
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Awesomesauce.
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    Natural Selection 2 for the wins!
    But yea kinda waiting for PvP too. Allready took two times a break for about two weeks each, ahve to say you will gain some motivation back and in both times I found some sweet legs in the first two runs after the breaks ^^
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    Why don't you ask your wife who's the next chick you should sleep with?
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    Why don't you ask your wife who's the next chick you should sleep with?

    Why don't you ask your wife who's the next chick you should sleep with?

    I asked yours!
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    Why don't you ask your wife who's the next chick you should sleep with?

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    Torchlight 2 and Guildwars 2 is slowly growing on me. I didnt like em in the beginning, but they are not bad games, just a different style to get used to, atleat for me.

    SC2 is also for those that want something difficult to practice. Tons of streams from tournaments to inspire you, which I like to watch when farming d3 ^^.
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    Path of Exile. Action-RPG with just an absolutely insane amount of customization and build variety. It's F2P and in essentially open beta - myself and a few friends all received access within hours of requesting it on their main page. If you don't get it you can donate $10 to the small company and get access and a "Supporter" title.

    The game is seriously cool. Feels like Diablo should have felt. Almost a mix between ARPG and MMO.
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    What other game are you guys playing? I really like RPGs,

    Fallout 2 (US) + Restoration Project 2.1.2b
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    I ended up buying the 100$ founder package for Firefall after seeing someone offering beta key for it, MMO Shooter, looks promising! and fun, just finished my paragon this morning , guess ill have to play it a bit now =D
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