Rend vs. Battle Rage [HC]

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    Hey guys,

    in a usal HC Setup:

    -1H + Shield
    - Charge/ Berserk / Rend / War Cry / Frenzy / Revenge

    I am thinking about switching Rend with Battle Rage (30% Rune). Is that a plain Single Target vs. AOE decision, or is one of both better in general? I'm curios if those 30% more DMG help me more than the Life return ill get trough Rend.

    Couldn't find any related topic to this.
    Thanks for your help!
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    not a HC player, however rend bloodlust is a great defensive ability while also offering a bit of aoe. also, in conjunction with revenge (i forgot the order which to cast them) but you can cut the cast time of one of them by a ton if used in quick succession.
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    Battle Rage Pros:

    - Faster clearance speed
    - More damage overall
    - More healing through Revenge

    Rend Pros:

    - Great survability given by Blood Lust rune
    - Better suited to AOE killing
    - Very nice against some mobs who keep running away, some damage is given while they are fleeing and you receive health back. These encounters are one of the most dangerous especially if they leave tons of shit on the floor.

    You need to weight these factors, see what is more beneficial to your situation. Most of the times, I'd say to go Rend though. Dying in HC is a pain and Rend provides a safer route.
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    Personally, I'd lose charge and put marauder's rage in there instead. I ran that up to paragon 35 or so on hc. The question then becomes, when do you change from bloodlust to ravage on rend? Ravage lets you clear a lot faster, and later on with better gear you can swap out WOTB for sprint(marathon) for speed clears. The problem half the time is the shitty rend animation ends up making you miss quite a bit and waste tons of rage trying to tag mobs that are running, which ravage is great for.

    I ended up going with ravage because, with decent LoH, you get full return from LoH on the initial application of rend, and most mobs died well before rend could run its full course, meaning I'd rather hit more mobs for the LoH (and damage if they then run away) than to get the paltry % of rend's damage back as life (which was never much anyway considering they'd die to quickly thanks to revenge).

    Also let me say that one change I made fairly late (before switching to WW) but that made things a million times easier (for Alkaizer runs at least) was switching to cleave with broad sweep. It almost sounds redundant, but honestly the survivability from the extra LoH (hitting multiple targets) combined with the ability to clear out lots of crap around you while rend is ticking is brilliant. It's almost enough AE dmg that you could drop rend for a single target ability like HotA, though I never did.

    I will say that these changes--specially, losing a short-cd get out of trouble ability like charge or leap--required a different mind set, and takes some getting used to. You can't count on leaping out of frozen/waller, so you need to save WotB for the times you're otherwise going to get fucked by cc. And it WotB is down, play it very safe. The added damage from battle rage makes killing elites much faster, though.

    TLDR: drop charge for rend, replace frenzy with cleave, add marauder's rage.
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    Marauders Rage pro:
    You play without spending rage and can also pick up Berserker Rage (passive), that combination grants quite a bit of an dps increase over picking Rend.

    But after all it's up to you and about your prefered playstyle.
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    keep in mind that atk speed affix doesnt affect rend at all, i dont know how much atk speed u are using but this fact might come in handy some time
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