Yeath another gearing topic for WW barbarian!

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    Hello, this is yeaht another thread about gearing a WW barbarian. I've browsed the other million threads, but still unsure about that next to upgrade. Currently having a 6mill budget atm, still farming act 3 MP2 with this gear atm, but to aim higher.

    This is my current setup, working fine, but still need some upgrades. What should I go for first?Chest and legs, anyone got good upgrades for sale also?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Just found out I can't post links until I have 10 posts, that's sad. If anyone still cares to help me, please search for "Tyrion" on the EU armory.
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    at least give us your battletag, i imagine there are a lot of "Tyrions" on EU :P
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    Haha, oh my god. Of course ya need that, what a fool I am. It is Bruflat#2578
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    http ://

    Still got no idea what to upgrade now, can anyone mind help?
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    A socket on offhand, at least 100 more str on belt, str on chest, better gems, bit more resists where they are missing etc.etc.

    Which one first? The one you find first for a good price.
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    do you need 3 piece bonus? if not rare mighty belts gives you much more stats than the IK one 250str 100vit 70ar is is as low as 100k-200k, add in lifesteal then it gets to 7 digits number but u will get better stats in return than buying IK belt with 180ish str

    socket on off hand as someone mention but i would say why not on main hand too
    both weapons look weak for me. dps on off hand don't matter, but attack speed does, when you are on ww, faster hits means better lifegain. high dps mainhand with double crit will be pricy maybe go for one without 1100dps mace or axe with good str and socket.

    for mainhand, i have a 950 dps mighty weapon, with similar stats (yours with ias mine with socket) or my 772 dps mace with 300 str socket. I kill faster with the mace, the extra str and 10% crit from weapon master makes it much better weapon.

    for farming don't bother to go higher mp levels just make sure you can run it faster on mp2 or 3 (aim for 1hour for full clear maybe). higher mp doesnt mean more loot, it means more "chance of that loot being a better quality" but faster runs on lower mp does mean more loot for you instead say mp3 drops 1000 loot for you and it takes 1 hour. mp1 takes 30 minutes so basically you will get 2000 loots instead, double the chance to get legendary.
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    forgot to add your chest
    i am assuming you are using it for the gold pick up? coz you can get better bugdet chest for 200-300k of course u will lose 6% damage reduce
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