Need help with gear upg + spec for farming+ubers

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    Hey all.

    I wanna do some more faming and also going for som high mp key farming and ubers. But need some upg to my gear first.

    Right now i know i am missing out speciel on str+vit+@res. But where i should focus on getting the stats and upg from i aint sure, havent played the game that much.

    I have a budget on 50-65 millions on Eu.

    My battletag EU:
    Cant link to it

    I hope some one wanna help me with what i should look at for upgrades.

    Best regards
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    the dots in the url make it difficult to actually guess your profile and battletag ;)
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    oh thx. its changed
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    link to your profile:

    you lack a lot of strength: go for shoulders with 200+ str, also Ik belt and gloves are really cheap in the 200 str regaion
    drop the amethyst in helm for a ruby with +xp as good as you can afford

    edit: your vitality is fine, everything from 35-40k hp is fine.
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    Thx for the link .

    Yeah i know i lack it, gonna try look for some more str stats on the items you are telling me.

    i also think i have to get me @res way heigher
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    unfortunately it doesn's how on your armory page, i calculated 354 allres incl. IK set-bonus. you are missing out allres on the pants. on other slots i fear it's rather expensive. go for pants with 200 vit, 70 allres ~90 str and 2 sockets
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    You are actually missing out alot of DPS cause your weapons are unsocket and 1.4k LoH seems a bit too much almost.
    Your equip looks okay (besides lacunis w/o crit u.u)

    edit: on EU socketed echo's with 1k dps and str are around 30-40mio. This would give you a net gain of 100% critdmg (i hope u allready have 100% crit gem ^^)
    ThrowUpBarbie and Puke'a'Doc
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    Hey .

    i know i miss out cuz of my missing socket . but i think its hard to find decent weapons the is worth paying for, and also gem prices are insane 20mill for 100% crit gem

    i have a budget on 80 mill now
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