WW Barb in a bit of a Pickle

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    You know you clicked for the title. :-P Im trying to upgrade my main hand weapon. The offhand was just picked up for 3m yesterday and I think its a legit weapon. The mh on the other hand is not. Im looking at trying to get over 75% crit, open socket, decent str (over 100) and around 1100 dps. One issue is im concerned i may be going for the wrong itemization. Am I? I am honestly unsure and dont want to invest that kind of gold and be wrong. Does it have to be a mighty weapon to keep up with fury? Do I want LS on it? Man im exhausting myself with thinking haha.

    The other issue im having is my dps seems so low that theres no way it can just be the weapon. Am i just seeing what im seeing from low off hand damage? My crit damage is through the roof, my crit chance is decent and can only get better with none-lacuni stalkers (so expensive with crit chance). Did I choose my gearing wrong going with stalkers over run speed on something else or was this correct? I was originally going to go with IK chest to 5p but then my current chest dropped so I stopped in my tracks and looked at weapon instead. I am considering I am over thinking the entire situation and wearing myself out on it, so I turn to the barbarian community for help.

    An armory might help, battle tag is: #google1801 Toon is Centerium.
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    Your profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Google-1801/hero/22448602

    Sheet dps means little for a ww barb because of the sacrifice to offhand damage that most ww barbs make. As for your weapon, you should probably look for something with lower crit damage roll since a cd roll that high will drive the price up steeply. Another place you may want to devote some attention is your legs, something with sockets is almost certainly going to be better.

    2k strength is kinda low, and your sheet dps seems pretty reasonable to me after looking at your stats. Equiping a weapon in your offhand with damage comparable to your main hand will raise your sheet dps significantly if you need an epeen enlarger, but will make little to no noticable difference in the damage you deal while sprinting around. Sheet dps is just there to make your dick feel big. Its not the size that counts, its how you use it.
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    dude screw the ik set bonus, i only have the 2 set bonus and im gonna lose that tomorrow.
    get a mainhand with as much dps as you can afford (i dont even have crit on mine just leech), get a witching hour, and get legs with sockets + upgrade your gems.

    take a look at my barb and you´ll see what i mean.
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    Appreciate the responses guys. Mind if I add either of you to bnet?
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