On and off player, Plez Halp!

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    Hi guys,

    Diablo 2 was like the first game as a child I was just like UR MA GAD. Now I just dont have that same feel but I am trying to get it and I keep coming back, this monster power thing and Ubers are a big +! for me but I could use some overall help on what I should be doing.

    Battletag EU - Jeddy#2233

    I recently came back and splashed out my remaining cash on some upgrades like a crap IK belt and glove combo and a cheap EF.

    I enjoy the WW build but I wouldn't mind going weapon throw with some help, as for the new "HOTA" builds I am game but aren't exactly geared for it.

    My cash pile is low currently but I will begin farming soon.

    Thanks all.
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    Farm --> get money --> buy better stuff--> Rinse and repeat :)

    Kidding a side.
    You probably want to go act3 and farm mp0-1. Google/youtube alkaizer run, and copy whatever he's doing. That's what 90% og the "spin to win" barbs out there are doing i belive.

    GL and HF :)
    Regards DreamWalker

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    Just farm act 3 mp1-0 Like Dream walker said, and for the Hota build you need the gear also for Weapon throw, Have alook at my gear Works perfect for Hota build.

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    Thanks a lot, my newest items give a lot of damage boost but reduce by health down to 25k so I can do Act3 runs but can get very low sometimes.
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