Help! Need to know Budget upgrades for Key Farming and Ubers

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    Anyone know the cheapest gearing for survivability/viability in Inferno for Key farming? Right now I have a Cleave/Rend 2hnder, I've been thinking of moving on to a throw Barb, but I'm unsure, I could go WW if the gear was cheap enough, looking for rang of <5-10m
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    Hey Validustthewise

    Good news my friend! You have a few pretty decent items and some that are very easily upgraded. I would start with the shoulders. Get some with 70-80 AR and more str and vit, should not cost you more than 500k-1kk. Next would be a pair of pants. Again with 70-80 AR around 100 or more vit and some str. as well. Replace your belt with a IK belt with +throw weap. buff.

    Gearing up a throw barb that can take on most elite packs at a somewhat reasonable pace at MP4-5 ish is actually pretty cheap. Also, it's fun as hell (at least I think so). If you want that get a three-hundreth-spear with crit-damage and good rolls on +throw weapon damage. Should only cost you around 100k. Next, spend 1-3kk on a main-hand with crit damage and life-steal/socket or preferably both. Aim for one with at least 8-900 DPS or a lot of strength if not. You could also aim for an echoing fury. Get one with str and lifesteal, can also get very cheap.

    If you still have money to spare after this:

    Consider getting an amulet with CC, CD and AR/str/vit. With a bit of luck it could also be cheap. Beyond that get rings with AS/CC and str/vit/AR.

    Try it out mate, good luck.
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    I actually have both a sparta spear, a pair of shoulders and a main hand weapon that i'd sell you at a discount. Hit me up if interested.
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    I would say you just need overall upgrades, watch the AH more man!

    Look out for ending soon items going cheap such as a IK belt.

    I would also say you should change your helmet gem if your going for Ubers, screw the XP you want to survive.
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    Take a look at my profile gear again with the link in my sig, I did as you told me and got my ass handed to me by some champions in Act1. I don't think I have much survivability, did I miss a certain skill that was needed?
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    your gear could be improved a lot for a ww barb, u have so many reduced level requirement i am guessing u used this since level 50s. you have very nice helm only lacking on all resist so get 1 more IK piece would be ideal since you will not be using your 2 hander. my pick will be the belt or the boots. u dont want the glove since it has no all resist so u are stuck with 2 items without all resist. and u can get similar glove with high str (minus the reduced damage) for the fraction of the price for this glove. and the chest is very nice but comes with hefty price tag too

    you can get decent gear for mp3 farming for 3-4m if u dont buy any set or legendary items
    chest and pants you want, 65+all resist, 200+vit, 2 socket and the highest str there is (70ish min is ideal) if u can find 3 sockets and over 100str is very very good.
    if u found almost same exact stats, look armor, physical resist, fire resist, they are nice bonuses but u should not look particularly for these. higher level armor has better armor and ppl dont usually consider that, they usually only look at the stats. 200-300k piece each (chest piece can have life% too)

    Belt and shoulder 200+str some vit (as much as you can) all resist 65+ again look for those extras like the pieces above! life and shoulder can have life% too. belt tends to be cheaper but shoulder tends to be more expensive maybe 100-150k for belt 250-300k or u can use your current belt for awhile it is quite decent

    bracer is 65+ar str/vit (80/90ish each, or put more emphasis on high str with 50ish vit, if vit is low remove it all together and try to get high str, pick it up somewhere else like chest/pants since these 2 has the highest vit rolls, or u can pick it up in boots later) and 4% or more crit. try 100-150k, this is a good place to find other bonuses as well like extra resist etc

    boots 12% move speed is mandatory. i have 8% and 12% move speed boots, 12% feels much better to ww around. ideally you want the same stat as other gear. 65+AR 100+str some vit 12% movement speed. this could be pricey 400k and above so lower the str go for higher vit. harder to find good str rolls here since if it has high str, good ar and 12%ms it will jump in price (try for 200-300k) and look for extra bonuses instead again.

    glove is expensive with AR so try without, 100+str, some vit, at least 7%crit chance and 7 percent attack speed. If you can get critical hit damage or low all resist its so good. if not try to find one with at least armor or physical resist, or as last resort: fire resist 100-200k

    now u already have nice helms but if u are not surviving well u could consider a str andariel visage with 65+all resist. andariel visage is a big dps boost than any rare helm because it has attack speed in there as well as crit and naturally high str, but one with high all resist will set u back 700k-1m, the nova procs hit for 10k and even 30% chance it procs a lot with mine, it can crit too. a budget helm would be at least crit 4% all resist 65+ str and vit just like bracer. life% can roll here too but i rather look for armor/physical resist these should only cost you 100kish since everyone would just stack all resist somewhere else and just get cheap andariel for less than 50k.... u should really try to aim to get another IK set

    now the hard part is weapon
    you want both with open socket and critical hit damage and high str (100+)
    main hand should be a mace or and axe (weapon master passive), have dps around 850. u can go low 800 if it comes with massive str (200+) this would cost 600k-1m.
    off hand should be a faster weapon 1.3-1.5 speed weapon with life on hit of 600 or more (900 or more would be very nice so u dont need to get it on rings or necklace) aim for 500k budget, dps does not matter for this weapon even 500dps weapon will do

    rings and amulet are a pain to find. u can keep your amulet for the time being but your aim will be crit 3% or more together with crit damage / attack speed (all 3 on 1 ring will be expensive if it comes with damage or primary stat). if you need survival you can try finding all resist / physical resist on it. if your weapon lacking of life on hit you can try it here too.

    i can found decent rings with decent str, crit chance 4%, life on hit 200+ and 50 all resist for 300k ish. you just have to be patient with rings and amulet

    other things u want to pick up somewhere is pickup radius somewhere in your gear and maybe extra heals from health globes. these are quite nice. i have 5 yard pick up on my shoulder and 10000 extra health from globe on my bracer and now i cant live without it. belt boots bracer shoulder are an easy place to find these but u only need 1 of each (preferably 6000 or more on globes)

    all these should cost you less than 4m with no legendary purchase. or u can sell ur legendaries and buy much better version of the items mentioned above =)
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    one last thing your final stat should be around
    2000 str
    750 vit
    550 all resist or more
    6000 armor

    all the armor sockets should be filled with star ruby or better
    the weapon with star emerald or better
    just farm mp0 for gems and gold rather than buying the gems off AH star and above are pricey

    thats my budget barb i was lucky with the main hand weapon and bracer both are self found, the rest cost me less than 2m all up
    i have better gears like a good tal rasha amulet, dex occulus ring, 50 str 10 crit ammy with 99% crit damage but this setup i play around with and give me best survival and dps ratio.
    i farm mp3 no deaths, only slight problem killing goblins, its 50-50 about an hour full clear of each act with 1-2 area being skipped (i tend to avoid large open area like dalgur oasis and desolate sands, killing fields on act 3, only goes to open area to find keywardens and specific caves, like the one before rakkis crossing in act 3 or vault of assasins in act 2)
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    You need to choose a path
    WW - best for farming
    2 hander - cheap weapons
    Weapon throw - high single target dps- gear requirements high

    Embrace that path and go for it.

    You need to figure out if this is your play style, for some people they just don't like it.
    You need the into the fray sprint package, you need to sprint while whirling, it's retarded how many people mess this up and actually think damage is from whirl wind, your damage comes from sprint tornadoes.

    To try it out just get 2 real cheap weapons with loh and fast attack speed. like 5k items and just try whirling through things and see if you can live. (1200 loh combined should do it) if you live you can work on upping the damage. I would start with rage blade main hand stat stick off hand.

    For 2 hander:
    Your relying on revenge procs and rend to heal you.

    You lack a ton of loh or life steal. as far as your budget goes I would aim for about mp 3

    an imk belt is cheap and gives you life steal
    you might have to drop nerves of steal and pick up blood lust that should give you around 6% life steal

    your paper dps is a little low to support life steal though so ...

    when i started out barb I went 2 hander because they were cheap, but my 2 hander had 1200 life on hit and crit dmg i picked it up for 500k.

    I used charge and the into the fray sprint package to get to packs then rended them up charged through them some times and bashed down with reverberation single targets.

    I moved from this to whirl wind as soon as I was able to snipe some decent weapons on the ah.

    Weapon throw
    To make this really work you need gear
    your looking at a imk belt with weapon throw reduction
    soj with weapon throw reduction
    three hundreth spear

    Your rings and amulet would need crit because you need weapon throw to crit to get rage back.

    It feels like your too new to the character to know how to sprint and really use your abilities so just splurging on the ah will most likely leave you with things you will need to rebuy.

    I would acquire in the following order these items. Save up some between purchases.

    blackthorne's jousting mail (whatever the pants are) have 400ish loh on them and are a great starter set of pants especially with your derth of healing.

    Any path you take you could do with an IMK belt, so go ahead and get one preferable with weapon throw reduction.
    - you have your pickup radius on this so you will probably need to upgrade something else to reacquire this if you can't get an imk belt with it. Probably will be shoulders.

    Imk boots might set you back a bit.

    Your neck is garbage you want crit and preferable loh there, its got a lot of good stats but without crit...
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    Geared myself to a Throw Barb, waiting for it to update today on my Bnet account (I think they only run the update once a day)...I was able to get alot of str and crit gear for decent prices, but i just have no survivability.
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    Alright man, i'd love to give you more feedback once your profile updates. The build is also important as hell when it comes to throw barbs.
    (Also, with richochet on throw + piercing a. spear + charge with CD + sprint, reducer you can farm mp0-1 ish very easily and pretty quickly as well)
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    It updated, I think I maybe lacking a little in resist and little vitality wouldn't hurt either. I think I may have my skills messed up as well looking at other Throw Barb Profiles.
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    Okay mate. A huge part of your problem is your build. This:!ZYf!ZbbcYc
    is the build I used as a throw barb with only slightly better gear, with that I could comfortably farm MP5.
    Remember: You gotta kite! You'll snare everything with throw weap - also: Get enchantress to use charm (later: equip her with the tormenter and +ias items and watch as she'll charm everything)

    WoTB is your wild card - you can change that to anything you'd like more, ground stomp can be nice, so can leap or ignore pain. Overpower with crit rune as well, since crit chance is everything for this build.
    Dread spear is your rage and healing generator, with 60 % HP returned, it can heal for quite a bit.
    Sprint *could* be replaced by other movement skills like charge or leap but I always came back to sprint.

    I agree you need more AR and vit though, even though your ranged you will get hit a lot. If you still have money this is what you do: Get +HP in your helm - DO IT :)
    Next items you wanna replace are your gloves and chest I reckon. Make sure the gloves have at least 9 % crit around 100 vit and 60+ AR. Chest should have loads of +vit +AR and some str as well obviously.

    EDIT: Get used to holding down shift when throwing, this will make its a lot easier to hit stuff.
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