need help with upgrade

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    My battle tag is Ayi#1666
    and I got 100 mil in bak
    soo what should I upgrade with it and become able to play mp5 and higher with my friends.
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    please, tell me you are not playing with MH/OH like in armory now..

    also you need more strength and more crit damage (weapons with CD/socket)
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    MH/OH ?
    What does they mean.
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    mh: main hand weapon
    oh: off hand weapon

    I would leave your shoe and your glove for now since i like it. I am guessing that the reason you want to upgrade is because you are lacking of survivability. High end barb can get away with 500 all resist but they have shit loads more dps with lifesteal which make them not dying. 90k dps is nice but if u can't survive its useless... you should consider more AR/vit/armor, some people run with 1400 life on hit instead of life steal because lifesteal are only good on high end gears.

    Well you could definitely use new pants.
    Put str as your top in the filter
    180-200 vit (pants has max 300 vit)
    all resist 60
    has socket 2
    I don't know EU prices but in US server it could set you back as little as few 300k ish. 3 socket and high strength will push it to much higher. choose what you comfortable paying.

    Belt is another area you could hugely improve. Belt STR goes up to 300!! aim for at least 200 str, moderate high vit, and 60-80 all res (lifesteal on mightybelt). Or you can go for the IK belt. its an instant upgrade version of you current belt (look for the higher str roll) and VIT as the random roll. I don't quite like the 3 set bonus, i rather sell your chest and look for a rare chest (100+ str, 70+ AR, 200+ VIT 3 socket, %life) but these could be very pricy but you can sell the IK chest anyway and i would imagine you probably will get money leftover replacing the chest (but u will need to spend more on the IK belt). some ppl use witching hour for the attack speed and crit damage (look for high str random roll, with VIT and/or AR would be perfect) but i would prefer IK belt personally

    Ring.... why do you use a DH set ring? yes its green but if you get one similar to your other ring it will give you more damage! your other ring is decent, look for something similar. attack speed on that ring would be sweet. if you need survivability consider life on hit, VIT. you could consider unity if you don't need AR, look for STR roll and Crit damage as random roll but you can get similar rings (albeit less stat) quite easily.

    bracer, i don't see much point of using strong arm. high STR, armor and 4.5crit spawn easily on bracer. the only thing that can't roll on rare bracer is life% but with only 700 extra vit on your gear life% is not really useful for you. Strong arm also has knockback... u dont want knocking back mobs as barb, you want them to stack up!! I would rather have rare bracer with AR and vit. or you could consider lacuni prowlers for the movement speed but a nice rolled lacuni is very expensive.

    These four upgrades should not cost you much i think less than 20m for a decent roll on US server, much less if you go on budget searching (500k-1m pieces are not too hard to find on rare pants/belt/chest maybe 3-5m for a nice rolls) rings and set items can be expensive...

    now to the tricky part... weapons... your main hand definitely need upgrade... 1100-1200dps axe or mace with:
    lots of strength (200-300 str)
    60% or more crit damage
    open socket
    and this could cost 100m alone..... you have to really scour the AH for this, but weapon always is a pain to buy with amulet and rings. note: maces is better and axes because they hit harder so it crits more but both will suffice since the weapon master passive really favor this 2 weapon. if you want to get mighty weapon/spear/sword you will want to get higher crit chance gear.

    your offhand is decent, hell it has more dps than my main hand (i am a budget barb and i use a 776dps 300str + crit dmg + open socket + lifesteal mace which i self found, but because of the high str it will bump over your dagger) but the dps doesn't matter on offhand so look for more STR (and maybe vit) and crit damage and your offhand should be a stat stick, it doesnt matter if it has 500 dps as long as it has good stats but you could leave it as is for the time being.

    Future upgrade / things to consider:
    You might want to get health globe heal +x amount extra (6000+ would be nice) and pick up radius somewhere in your gear. the easiest place to find these are in your belt shoulder and bracers because you use less filters on these pieces. but really it could spawn in all type of armors i believe. it save me a lot of time picking up gold and saving my life with clutch health globe grab

    you can replace your vile ward, the reason ppl use vile ward is because they want to go over 200 main stat (dex/int/str) but since for shoulder piece STR goes all the way to 300 this specialty of vile ward is useless for barb although the armor, %life, high all resist are quite nice but it can easily roll on a yellow shoulder piece. you basically paid more because it is legendary where in fact you can get those stat quite easily. look for 200+str life% armor 100+vit 70-80AR but since this is a near perfect roll expect to pay a lot for it! if not go for 200+ str vile ward with a rather useful random roll (vit/pick up radius/health globe extra healing.

    once you can survive than you could start play around with your gear, reducing AR/life on hit/vit for more damage but you need to find a nice balance to it. i played around with my budget gear a lot it takes awhile to get a nice balance to it. i have 80 mil sitting around but i am playing with 200-300k armor pieces.

    replace your helm gem with life%, use ruby to farm xp on lower mp

    templar gives you more magic find potential than any other(but he is noisy)
    give your scoundrel a fast attack ice bow 10% ias (with dex/int/vit to give better EHP) dps dont matter u could pick this up less than 10k. ice bow reduced attack speed and movement speed which gives u something more that the xbow he is using now (his damage sux anyway). and it helps you to chase those pesky monster who ran away, succubus, flying monster, fat glob that put shield on other monster

    for exp run or mf speed run you might want to get an extra 12% movement speed somewhere. there are some legendaries to consider. tyriel armor, a set mf ring, lacuni bracer, inna's leg.

    my budget barb Luna-1865
    all gear are less than 200k except on rings, amulet and off hand which are 300k each
    bracer and main hand is self found
    gems are all self found and not counted towards the budget part also the 750k maximus on my enchantress ^^ i bought it just for giggles.
    notice i stack physical resist it is because its the next best thing to all resist
    all my follower item are on mostly self found or on budget, like 50k SK (except for maximus which cost me 750k but its not needed. I dont even use enchantress on my key runs, i use templar), yes the decent occulus ring and rather nice tal rasha amulet is self found.... i keep it there for giggles
    i can farm mp3 keys and small other areas with 0 deaths although goblin are 50-50 to run away. my next upgrade would be IK helm and IK belt i think as i think thats the two area that can give me a lot of improvement. just an IK helm will bump my dps by few thousan at least 3-5k and maybe main hand weapon, amulet and rings but these don't come cheap
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    Wow, thanks a lot man that was very precise and informative. Now I feel like, I know what to buy how to buy. Thanks alot.
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