Should I wear this Quadrifecta Amulet I found?

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    I found a pretty nice amulet the other day, but I'm not sure if it is an upgrade or not. I added a picture of an ingame comparison as well as a comparison from D3UP. Thanks for any input.

    Comparison =
    BNet Profile =
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    The new amulet is not yet but will be an huge upgrade if you change your weapons someday.

    ias/crit is the foundation of a smooth working ww barb.

    once you get to the point where the sprint tornados can sustain your fury and fill up your life instantly you are literally unkillable and may drop life & life leech in favor of dmg.

    I guess you will notice the improvement of "flow" even now, even if you lose some dps in you char window (which means nothing to a ww barb).
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    with the DPS you are doing, you might be better served selling it on the AH and buying upgrades for your existing gear. Of course, as Venomrules^ pointed out, this amulet will get better for you as your other equipment gets better.
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    Thanks for the helpful replies. As of right now I think I am just going to start wearing it and see how it improves as I upgrade my other gear.
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