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    Since i haven't done 10 posts i can't post links but my char is a barb at the battletag Kungen#2282 on europe...

    I need some help/tips when gearing up from this point, all the items i want are too pricy (400mil+) and i only have 40mil gold currently, is there any cheap items i might snip for etc?

    any tips are welcome!

    Edit: Currently im plowing through act 3 on mp2 and mp3 easily.. but i'd like to do the same on like mp5 without deaths or struggle etc
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    Hey there!

    Here's a link to your profile: http://eu.battle.net...82/hero/1055253

    So are you telling me that you cant find a good upgrade for under 400mil?

    If i were you, i would either buy a new weapon for main hand with crit dmg, socket and strenght.. without loh.. or a new chest armor with more strenght. Ofc you cant get supergood weapon with 40mil.. so i would save some more money.

    I dont think you need the loh in your main hand since you have life steal in your off hand and your belt. And you can always take the bloodlust passive if you feel like you dont get enough life back. But since the more dps you have, the more life you steal. Also one thing that is super cool to have is more movement speed.. when you have enough money i would really recommend to buy lacuni bracers. Myself i would like to have lacunis with crit but they are freeking expensive. Also i would save some more money and only buy upgrades that really gets you further... its pain in the ass to buy upgrades that gets you only little more dps because after a month you are at the point you need to start upgrading again because you aren't happy with your gear anymore. Well.. i hope this helped even a little.

    Check out my profile if you like. My build at my profile is for farming xp from mp1-2 so thats why im very low on life and i dont use WotB and i dont have impunity on war cry.

    Take care!

    My profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Babu-2612/hero/1374437

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    Hey, and thanks for the answer, you got my point about "not buying small upgrades" that's what i find difficult, like I dont wanna spend all my gold on a crappy Immortal Kings Chestpiece, and in a few weeks have to spend money again on a slightly better Immortal kingss chestpiece etc. Getting gear in this game is really komplex if you know what you're looking for, its too bad
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    Your strength is simply too low.
    You can get +350 strength with relatively cheap upgrades on:

    A) Your Pants: Get 150 str/100 vit/60 AR/2 sockets
    B) Your Gloves: IK gloves are cheap with 190 STR and 9% crit chance
    C) Your Chest: Get an IK chest or buy a cheaper alternative with 140 STR/100 VIT/60AR/2 or 3 sockets

    You may also want to get yourself an IK belt for the set bonus, but this is a minor upgrade.

    Change your main hand to a high DPS weapon with a socket and high STR. If you have the money, add life leech or some crit dmg to it.

    Happy upgrading!
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    I had IK gloves before those im currently using, those IK gloves had 195 str and 10% crit, but the ones i use now i'm doing more damage with. As for the rest you are pretty much right, but i dont wanna waste all my gold on a "Below avarage" IK chestpiece. Think i'm gonna save the gold for now and hope for some neat drop that will net me more gold, so that i can buy a decent uppgrade for some slot
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    so you made a thread to tell us you got 40mil and buying anything that isnt top of the line is a waste and so you'll wait with buying anything so your thread was pointless from the start? :facepalm:
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    No, but the tips so far hasn't been anything i allready didn't thought of
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