Help me improve my gear - 60ish Mil. budget

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    Hello to all diablofans! Recently I rerolled from WD to barbarian and now I am seeking your help. I would like to get a few opinions on gear upgrades, to be precise, what should I upgrade first?

    Here is my profile: Stylicious#2185 (Europe) (can't post direct links yet) =/

    Thanks in advance
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    You have realy solid gear, nothing is obviously underpowered. There are realy only a few things that stick out:
    1) No sockets (besides the weapons), biggest upgrade would be socket on the helm (for more exp or % life)
    2) Low crit chance on gloves (5.5%), but they have realy nice other mods so upgrading will be horribly expensive
    3) Belt doesn't have life steal (nor does any of your weapons)
    4) Boots don't have resist all

    I suggest using your 60m to buy 2 realy strong pieces, both being Immortal King set pieces for the 60% resist all partial set bonus. I suggest belt and helm.

    For the belt you will have to loose either vit or % life (IK belt can't have both), you can pick up just under 200 str with either 50-ish vit or life % (7 or more) for around 15-20m. Spend the rest on the helm, go for low (90-ish) str and as high resist all as you can afford (will be around 50).

    Another option is to buy an IK helm without resist all (take physical resist instead) and higher str (upwards of 200), this saves you a lot of money that you can use to buy a 3rd piece such as boots. I would however go for 2 stronger pieces than 3 medium-powered ones.
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    Go for IK first set bonus, and change ur boots.
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    LoH for %ll

    OH and belt
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    As other said there is nothing completely wrong with your gear, is just that going to 100k dps and above needs more solid pieces.
    in my opinion you can go in 2 directions: go for dps or go for survivability

    dps: change rings and weapons, then amulet and gloves, then leggendary helm and bracers with att spd
    survivability: change belt and off hand (try to get high str, crit dmg and LL), then a socket helm, then the IK chest, grab boots with AR, try to have at least 5 pieces with 65+ all res and single resistance on other pieces.

    if u have 45k life 5%LL 7000 armr (buffed) and 550+ AR (buffed) you you can go anywhere in this game.

    other have suggested you to go with IK helm. IMHO i would go with chest+belt or chest+boots. You can easily grab att spd on helm and you still need that 3% LL on belt and the IK chest is an amazing piece.
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