Yet another gearing advice on WW Barb.

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    What should i upgrade next. I am not rich and my pieces are not even top notch but i can do mp6-7 well.
    And sorry english is not my main language.

    Thank you for the anserws.
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    you should always have a high dps mainhand for ww as run like the wind scales of your mainhand, and that ring that doesn´t even have crit needs to go, pick up a unity, the have the same base stats but with crit.
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    I think vitality (hp) is biggest problem here. Try aiming for 40k. The ring with loh can be changed verry easily (for more dps one). Also you can try getting blackthorn's pants for loh...
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    also i would change relentless for superstition or the 3% ll one, and use the enchantress for more armor or the scoundrel for 3% crit. templar is the worst companion imo

    gearwise i would agree, that hp is your main issue and you have to little LoH/LL
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    Thank you guys, bought semi nice Unity with 3.5m and upped hp pool with 2.3k and got little more life on hit.
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    Unbuffed, you would gain 4.5k paper dps (5.4k after battle shout) alone from switching your mainhand to a mace with 80 more dps, sacrificing lifesteal, but keeping the same overall stats. You would also gain 3.3k dps form switching your sword to a dagger with the same stats (30 less dps though). On paper, the dagger switch would show a 835 decrease in dps, but in reality you would gain around 20k true dps (basically dps that takes into consideration your sprint tornadoes and your whirlwinds). You would gain 40k true dps from the mainhand change as well. You really should consider using your offhand as more of a statstick though, by having it have lower dps, but better stats. A dagger with 797 dps, 170 str, 8% IAS, 2.2% (or more) lifesteal, and over 65% crit damage with a socket would give you much better survivability at the cost of a loss of dps (on paper), the true dps gain will still be 30k. The reason why your character sheet dps will go down 6.8k(buffed), but real dps would go up by 30k is because your tornado damage is based on your mainhand only, while the offhand is only considered for the speed that the tornadoes tick at. The speed at which they tick switches between mainhand and offhand speed, which is why having a slower mainhand with high top end dps (the bolded of the weapon damage is one of the most important factors in determining the damage from tornadoes- 516-1046). Even though you would lose some damage from your whirlwind (due to the offhand hits not hitting as hard), you would see a net increase in total dps because of the tick speed. As is, your current sword is better than a dagger with no attack speed, so in order to gain a true benefit from a dagger, it would have to have at least 4% attack speed so that it at least beats the sword in speed (slightly).

    You would gain about 80k true dps if you swapped your gloves for ones with 80 str, 9.5% crit, 51 AR, and 32% crit damage, though it would show a 3k dps loss on your character sheet.

    If you are familiar with how d3rawr works, ignore this next paragraph:
    I plugged some of the changes into d3 rawr to give you a comparason of how different items would effect your paper versus true dps. There are 3 clickable tags that are 3 different sets that it shows below the box labelled stats that you can use to navigate between the 3 sets. To the right of the stats box, it shows you your dps (paper only) and EHP gains and losses between sets. On the right side column, below the Attributes box, there are tabs that you can expand by clicking on them, and the bottom one (tDPS and life gained per second) is the one that shows you your true dps, and how much LOH = 1% lifesteal, along with how much health you heal per second.

    shows all 3 changes that I made. Set 1 is just your normal gear, no changes at all. Set 2 swaps your offhand sword to a dagger with 790 dps, 170 strength, 36 vit, 8% attack speed, 67% crit damage, socket with a 100 % crit gem (notice the 5k dps loss on paper, but almost 30k tDPS gain). Set 3 is if you were to replace your gloves with ones with 120 str, 9.5% crit, 18 AR, and 32% crit damage.

    To help yourself out with gaining HP, which you really need to be able to do higher MP levels, you should consider getting a new amulet with higher str, any vit, keeping the AR, keeping the same crit, and dropping the LOH(if its too expensive for you to get one with LOH on it). You wont notice much of a difference between having and not having the LOH on it unless your damage was much lower. Finding a neck with those stats and around 100 vit will not only gain you 4k HP, but also some dps as well at the cost of about 230 life gained per second. The 230 life gain does add up, but with the other changes that you may or may not make will more than make up for it. With your current lifesteal, a hit of 13k is equivalent to 230 life stolen, meaning that if you somewhere gain 3% crit damage(about 570 paper dps), or anything like crit chance, IAS, +dmg etc, that would make your tDPS go up by at least 13k, that you would more than make up for the loss of LOH. Your current legs are nice too, but if you dropped the + armor affix for at least 16 more vit, you would see an increase in EHP along with actual HP. Your right ring would also be vastly improved by dropping the IAS, Upping the strength, upping crit chance to at least 4.5%, and gaining at least 36 vit (36 vit = 4% life for you currently). Depending on how much strength you gain from other items, you may want to look into replacing your shoulders with ones that have lower strength but either have higher vit, or the same with added life %. For some reason, people undervalue shoulders with high str, mid range vit, mid range AR, and life% on the AH in the US, so id imagine it would be similar on EU.
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    Thank you Fallatic. Upgraded my amulet and replaced my right ring with one that dropped. Now i am just going to hunt for the other upgrades you mentioned. Very nice and detailed answer. Offhand is next one on the list.
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