Budget WW Barb - High MP

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    In the video we managed to kill elites on MP10 however it was slow. Low MP’s farming is very easy and fast this also applies to leveling paragon. We could also do mp5 with ease which is great for keys.

    Budget barbs are great fun we ourselves have attempted one.. We had a 5 million budget.

    We spent: 2.5m on our barbarian the video shows what items we got and why we choose them. If you're new to barbarians and not sure what to buy check out the video. Feel free to read on, to find out what method we used to buy gear.

    There are three steps we went with they are:
    - Defensive
    - Damage
    - Weapons


    Head: 60-80 RES, 70+ VIT & Socket
    Shoulders: 60-80 RES, 100+ VIT & 100+ STR
    Pants: 60-80 RES, 100+ VIT & 2 Sockets
    Chest: 60-80 RES, 100+ VIT & 3 Sockets
    Boots: 60-80 RES, 90+ VIT & 12 MS


    Gloves: 100+ STR, CRIT CH 9+ & CRIT DM 20+
    Bracers: 100+ STR, CRIT CH 6 & VIT 70+
    Belt: Pride of Cassius with life steal.
    Ring(s): CRIT CH 5+, STR 50+ & MINIMUM DMG

    Amulet: CRIT CH 8+, LOH & STR 70+


    Main Hand: CRIT DM 70+, ATK SP 5+, 40+ STR 900+ DPS
    Off Hand: 3% LS, CRIT DM 70+, LOH, 400-900 DPS

    We hope its helped.
    Thanks for looking CuckooGaming
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    Which Video?
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    link to build ?
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    Video Link:

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    Good job guys.
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    subscribed! :)
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    Thanks for the guide guys, really, really useful.

    Spent around 3 million in the end and am now happily farming MP0/1 and can go through MP5 but it can be slow.

    Any thoughts on which are the weaker pieces I picked up? i.e. Where I should look to upgrade first?

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    Rly nice video. Thanks for the help.
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