Eviscerate my profile! (and maybe give me helpful advice on accident)

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    id like to know opinions on:

    A. where / what should i be farming?
    B. should i be farming for paragon levels, gold, or drops?
    C. what stats should i be shooting for to move into M2-10?
    D. should i just reroll monk? (lulz)
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    I'd increase your all resist if you can and drop Tough as Nails for Ruthless to increase DPS. The faster you kill things the less they can hit you.

    If you are comfortable in MP1 for now, go to act 3 and farm exp there. I like to start with Kill Azmodan quest and run backwards from the last WP. Once I get through to Fields, I go back to town and run the path to Ghom and then Stonefort for Key warden. I kill Az last and start over. Tons of Exp.

    Farm paragon levels. The gold and drops will happen while you are doing this anyway.

    More Resistances will allow you to increase DPS by changing passives and comfortably move into higer MP levels. Oh, and raise your Crit chance and Crit dmg if you can.

    Don't reroll monk. I started with a Monk and moved to a Barb for some change.

    If you want to farm together feel free to add me as a friend. My battletag is listed to the left.
    I don't mind sharing my drops if they can help you and aren't worth bazillions :)
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