Questions about Rend vs Gob & HotA vs health link

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm not too familiar with the mechanics of the game, I'd just came back after patch 1.05 and noticed somethings which seems odd. I'm not sure if they are bugs, glitchess...etc or new changes to the game. I don't see anything in the patch notes that would explain it.

    First question; when I used rend(blood lust) on a goblin it does not always apply the bleed dot, even if I'm literally face hugging that goblin more often then not, it takes about two Rend applications to see the bleed dot take affect. For the record, I use skorn, and I can tell the different between skorn bleed and Rend bleed. Would the skorn bleed be interfering with me applying the Rend bleed affect?

    Second question; as I remembered, prior to patch 1.05, if you fight packs with health link, the monsters with periodically normalise their hp pool to even out, however what I've noticed now when I crit hit those same monsters, the damage figures that shows up is a third of what it should be. My normal crit hit of HotA(smash) is around 900k - 1.4mil-ish(avg around 1.1ish mil). But when fighting health link packs that number is reduced down to 300k - 400k ish. It doesn't matter if I hit 2 or 3 in the one swing, it doesn't seem to do the same full damage. So did Blizz do something new with health link??

    Last question, whats the coefficient for life per sec? I have 571 and getting around 363 per tick, does that sound right?

    Thanks in advance,
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    noticed the rend thing aswell, i think it's by design, dunno why..

    about healthlink: i'm also not sure how it works exactly, but i don't think there is some REAL dmg reduction happening, it's just the numbers are not showing correctly. if you hit one of three mobs for 300k (that would be 900k originally) then i would expect the other 600k to be divided among the other two, even though it might not be shown.

    afaik life per sec doesn't tick exactly per second, but a bit faster. so the amount of heal displayed is lower than the life per second in your character screen. in the end the numbers should be alright.
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    Goblins dispell debuffs on them every few seconds, so you cant rend them unless they opened a portal.

    When you do damage to health linked mobs its divided by the number of mobs in a pack (most likely 3) so you do 3 times less damage to 1 mob, but still it does full damage to all the mobs.

    Hope that clarifies something.
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    I'm not too worried about it though, it's just annoying and feels wrong.

    thanks for the reply
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    The health link thing is a recent development. Before, you would do full damage to 1 of the monsters and then the damage would be distributed evenly among the pack. Now, your damage is immediately divided by the number of monsters in the pack. The overall affect of the amount of damage the monsters take is the same, however this change that they made is a MASSIVE NERF to those who rely on lifesteal to keep themselves alive. I use a smash build and health link are by far the worst affix out there, since I am usually running mp 8-10 (depending on who else is in my group) and the damage they do is pretty high. I can easily out heal most monsters with my lifesteal, but when the amount of HP I get back is reduced by 1/3-1/4 of the normal amount, it really sucks! Health link mobs are the only monster packs that I die to these days, and its really frustrating. Health-link/arcane/molten/fire chains....awful. Without the health-link in there, its a walk in the park.
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