Increase my survivability

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    Freshly leveled to 60, I bought some gear on the ah calculating resist Loh and life steal. I knew my dps wouldnt have been so high for the moment, as Im working on improving pieces 1 by 1. I thought with 1500+ loh near 6% life steal and 700+ all resist and 43khp buffed that I would be able to survive very well.

    Im making my way throught act4 now to complete it and start key running + ubers. (main reason why I made this barb.) I often meet some kind of champ packs that are really damn hard and my health drops kinda quick. (Thats in mp0..)

    Is it a l2p barb issue (as I just started it) Or is it really something wrong in my gear or skills choice?

    I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me so I know where Im going with this.

    Thanks yall !
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    Another real quick thing.. I have 50%+ crit chance and often run out of fury while I WW and was wondering if there is anything that can help that..

    My main goal is to farm mp5 for keys and then uber with group.
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    Have you seen d3up before?

    Your EHP should be twice that. Look at the gains and see what improvements you can most easily make to gain EHP without sacrificing DPS.
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    EHP aint the problem. I got about the same as him and can farm mp 4-5 np. I would say get more dps.
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    More I play I realized the biggest problem are Molten champ packs and mob by themself at act4 (Like the spell they do hit harder I dunno..) I went to see d3up but I dont get how EHP is working really and how to improve it really.
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    The obvious way to increase your survivability is going to be gaining more AR and armor. What I would do for now would be take out bloodthirst out from your passives and use tough as nails instead.
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    for increase survivability you must increase your DPS
    then u get better life stealing...

    switch ur pants/chest and boots for more strenght and upgrade your gems.... switch your offhand too and get rid of loh... get an sw with critical damage + str + socket

    your health/armor/resist are fine.. but i prefer war cry rather overpower
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