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    So i just sold manticore for 200mil and wanting to upgrade my barb.

    I think i will buy 2-3 new items.

    First of all i will buy 1000dps+ axe with 80cdm+ and socket (100m)

    Second i want to buy Blackthorn's mail. str vit and 40ar+

    And third (will prob fall out of budget) The blackthorn chest 100str+ 100vit+

    In your opinion are this the right choises? Or should i go for ik gear?

    I loose alot of vit when changing my main weapon so this pushes me in the Blackthorn's direction...

    Thanks in advance

    The barb:

    edit: affcourse max amount of sockets in blackthorn's gear...
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    You could get that vit back with shoulders and IK armor (or any armor with some vit on it) though.
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    Yea i up my vit with blackthorn's chest or ik chest, either way. But with blackthorn's bonus i get another 100vit. So i can focus on more str on other items. Shoulders i'm not going to change any time soon...

    edit: also black's chest has 6% reduced ranged dmg.

    Can i get some opinions plz?
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    I bought the armor and the pants some time ago, and was for me an amazing upgrade. I have in total 15% reduced from ranged attacks, this is very nice against alot of very annyoing mobs.

    If you get the right stats its a very good set. Im currently looking for the boots from the set. +6% dmg on elites and 6% reduced!

    Check my profile here:
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    I see, not bad. Especially your dps. Don't you have problems with low AR? I'm aiming for your dps, is it unbuffed?
    I want to buy the blackthorn's pants but i want to get them with AR on it. Gets way more expensive that way... Or should i go for a higher strenght one and give up the AR on the blackthorn's pants...? Should i buy pants or chest first? Srry for all the questions, just made so many wrong investments...
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    Im currently running around in mp6, and the AR seems fine. Too many arcanes combined with alot of fire stuff freaks me out but otherwise its no problem for me to survive with overpower and 1300 loh. I found out also that having around 500 dex helps alot aswell.

    yes my dps is unbuffed, im at 150k in berskerker mode.

    I would go for high str pants, maybe with sockets, so overpriced wit hallres... buy them at the same time - its the set bonus with the 100 vita that rocks,
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    With that high dps your loh should change to %ll...? I can handle mp6 but my dps is way to low. My budget is 230m first i'm going for sick axe. I think i can find one in 100mil area. Later i will search for blackthorn's pants with 130+str and 2 sockets, no all res? When i drop the ar on the pants i think i can afford a chest piece also, not sure though.
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    I would also lose Nerves of Steel for the 25% more Armor one or for Superstition, as the value of armour went down quite a bite in 1.0.5
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    Oh did they? Must have missed this. Looking in to it later, thx
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    well, they nerfed the amount of damage reduction you get from armor. but still 25% more armor should net you more than 100% of your vit as armor, if you want to stay with one armor passive
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    I used to use Blackthorne chest and pants in 1.03, when 1.04 came out i found the pants and bought the chest.
    Mine was very top notch, in fact i managed to buy the very best one in ah at the time.

    After playeing around with it in september i realised i had made a mistake, IK chest is superior.
    I remember one of the things that made me come to that conclusion was my need to upgrade boots at that time, i got a cheap Blackthorne spurs to test it and was disappointed, to complete my dissapointment i managed to FIND 3 blackthorne boots after that...And a very base crappy roll on IK boots is always better. In the end i just rolled IK set till i got my Ice Climbers and Lacunis.

    Sold the chest for like 50 mil (i had payed only 33 for it) and never looked back. I kept the pants on though since i do like MF so much and the LOH is a nice addition. Also i never found any really worthy all res, vit, str rares that came even close to it on stats and Depth Diggers is, imho, just plain gimp pants.
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    IK set is cool! I just love it and will never change it to anything... except maybe when i have upgraded everything else i will go for mempo of twilight and the witching hour. But atm i dont want to lose the 5 piece bonus.
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