150m+ to spend, what to upgrade?

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    I feel like my survivability in higher MP (4+) is really shitty. I die quite fast so I haven't really started farming it at all.

    What should I replace to farm more efficient?
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    first i would buy some 100% crit gems, then swap your weapons, the sword has higher weapon dmg and tornados are based only off of MH dmg. then i think you should look for pants with at least 70 AR on them and your chest could also have up to 80 AR.

    but most importantly you need more LoH or %LL. I think thats why you have problems. Look for an OH with close to 3% LL or at least 700 LoH
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    Change the gems in your weapons to 100% critdmg.
    I would also try to find another pair of gloves with either CC+CD or CC+AS.

    You have pretty low crit damage and i guess your sheet dps (72k) is with Battle Rage activated.

    Don't switch your weapons (like above poster said). Maces give you 10% crit and you need that to sustain rage.

    I have the same all res as you do and alot less HP (only at 29k) and I farm keys in MP6 without any bigger issues (only real hardhitters oneshot me if I don't avoid their megapunch).

    Try to up your dps to above 80-85k buffed and go for more Life steal.
    Change that shitty offhand sword for a weapon with LL, Crit dmg and a socket.

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    yeah right, i forgot about the mace thingy ;)
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    Blackthorn's chest... 150str+, physical res and 150vit+ (you will gain 20AR allready)
    Off hand 800dps+, %ll, 80+CDM, socket
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    off-hand with ll, sock, critdmg
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    Upgrade your gems to max level (emeralds first).

    Upgrade your glove. You can forego either the all resist or vitality and fill up on at least crit chance and crit damage. Maintain the strength. Add IAS only if you can.

    Upgrade your off-hand weapon to something with life steal or high LOH or high base crit with socket. You could upgrade your main-hand with something that has higher base damage, but you have 150M and probably won't be able to do multiple upgrades at once.

    Those are your primary options, but feel free to shop around for anything else that'll contribute to EHP. If 70K is your DPS with only WM, you should be able to hold your own at least.

    Edit: Oh, geez. You can upgrade those shoulders for a tiny fraction of your budget.
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    I can't believe no one mentioned this but for the love of god get movement speed on ur boots especialy considering ur using a pretty bad lacuni (they don't give that much dps without crit and with low str however one of them can do) so movement speed on boots would either free up for different bracers or give u max movement speed which is also nice. and then u can get the hellfire ring (if u have friends th at can help I guesS) since that is a relatively cheap upgrade even if ur rings are decent.
    As said earlier gems are (or well were recently) cheap and they do add a good amount of damage and beside the weapons u could switch to str over vitality with ur hp.
    On top of that getting a pair of ik glowes or just some good gloves could also help but I think most of ur gear is decent so I would fix a small minor things like gems and maybe boots then take it one item at a time
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    ur chest piece is worth <1m. you really need to replace that. Also you need to get better weapons with (more) loh and around 1100 dps.
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    To be honest, with 150mil you should replace basically everything. Maybe keep your helm, belt, bracers and rings, but to be honest you can probably upgrade those too and still remain within your 150mil budget.

    As for what stats to look for, nothing to say here that haven't already been said on the many threads on these forums and on the various guides spread on the web. Besides, other than your weapons and gems (which are horribly chosen), you seem to pretty much already know what you need, so what you have left is to scour the AH for cost-effective upgrades while keeping in mind that you need most of your gear replaced so you shouldn't spend too much on any single item.

    For weapons you want a high DPS low stat main hand (forget about LOH and LS on it, they're too expensive), and a low DPS high stat offhand (forget DPS on it, it's too expensive for what it's worth, while str/crit dmg/socket give a lot of tornado DPS and LS/LOH give a lot of cheap survivability when bought on a low DPS weapon).

    For gems you want to use experience gem in helm and strength gems in everything else, and only really bother to upgrade the helm and weapon gems (for str gems you get very little benefit per gold going above star).

    If you need more HP, get it from gear and not gems, because strength is simply a more expensive stat than vit while obviously sockets cost the same regardless of which gems you place in them. Chest and pants can have up to 300 vit, of course you can get even more vit on a few other items and have more than enough HP to never even think about vit gems again.

    Your pants might seem cool with the LOH and all, but in reality you lose a lot of vit, resists and even str to get it, while you can get LOH and LS much cheaper on a low DPS offhand. Again, you must remember sprint only uses main hand damage and thus DPS on your offhand weapon isn't nearly as important as damage and survivability stats.
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